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  • Published : January 31, 2023

7 Types of Self-Care Routines You Can Start in 2023

In the hustle and bustle of 2023, some people can’t put a price on their health, while others can’t afford to give their health the required attention. This article will help you level up your lifestyle regardless of which category you fall under; you will be able to incorporate these 7 self-care routines into your daily life. Let’s face it; your body can make or break everything significant in your life, from emotional well-being and sanity to professional performance and family time. Hence, consider the 7 routines below and witness the change yourself:

1. Warm Turmeric Water – The Elixir Routine

Add one teaspoon of turmeric powder, honey, and lemon juice to a cup of plain water, and you’re all set!

There are many proven advantages to drinking warm water first thing in the morning, and turmeric water mixed with honey and lemon juice is no different. This combination removes toxins from the body and has anti-aging properties. Turmeric contains free radicals, which help maintain good health. Some of the significant benefits of adopting this routine are as follows:

  • The Perfect Detox

It clears toxins from the blood and keeps blood-related health issues in check. It acts as a blood thinner and prevents heart attacks. It also removes toxins from the liver and facilitates the cells to perform their function efficiently. 

Detoxifying the body also implies the repair of skin cells and increased skin elasticity. It will prevent premature skin aging and help attain healthy and shiny hair.

  • Turmeric Cures Cancer

Turmeric has anti-cancerous properties. Drinking turmeric water thrice a week will keep cancer away from the body and can prevent it from spreading! It is an excellent way of strengthening your Immune System.

  • Helps with Weight Loss and Boosts Metabolism

It Improves digestion, prevents constipation, and develops a healthy appetite, catalyzing metabolism and facilitating weight loss.

  • Other Miscellaneous Benefits 

It prevents Headaches by providing instant hydration, reduces stress & fatigue, and helps curb body aches and cramps. The mixed properties of turmeric and water protect the liver from infections.

2. Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar, is also referred to as Sun-Salutation or The Ultimate Asana, is the best way to start your day. It rejuvenates the body and the mind; You can begin this ritual with one or two sets of Surya Namaskar and slowly increase the number to even a hundred! Performing Surya Namaskar for 10-30 minutes can energize you for the rest of your day and help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Enlisted below are a few never-ending benefits of Surya Namaskar:

  • Emotional and Spiritual Peace

As the name suggests, Surya Namaskar is a series of exercises practiced as a grateful and praising gesture to the sun. What better way to start the day in gratitude than the Surya Namaskar? This ritual sets the day for success. It ingrains discipline, and when this very first task of the day is completed, the rest falls into place like a game of Dominos. The perfect combination of prayer, exercise, and gratitude that feeds the body and soul with positive energy.

  • Physical Strength and Mental Stability

Surya Namaskar is undoubtedly a full-body workout that helps burn excess fat. It is noticed that 10 minutes of Surya Namaskar burns 139 calories. It strengthens the entire body, the back, and the muscles. Moreover, it improves blood circulation, muscle tone, and posture. Helps relax the mind and increases focus. It also helps curb stress and anxiety and cope with Insomnia.

  • Balances Vital Functions of the Body

It improves the functions of internal organs and brings down blood sugar levels, and enhances resting cardiovascular parameters such as systolic, diastolic, and pulse pressure. It also ensures a regular menstrual cycle for women. 

3. Maintain a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is the secret to happiness and fulfillment. Even if you cannot find things to be grateful for in the beginning, start this simple ritual anyways, and you will see a change in your mindset. Start and end the day with your gratitude journal and count your blessings so you don’t neglect anything positive in your life. Scientists have found that focusing on feelings of contentment can naturally counter stress and leave you feeling much more grounded and able to deal with whatever life throws at you.

Maintaining a gratitude journal ensures you focus more on positive emotions and relish good experiences, building stronger relationships. By remembering the positive highlights of the day that you are to be grateful for, you are less likely to ponder over your worries. It helps clear your mind for a good night’s sleep. 

Expressing gratitude has been proven to reduce social comparisons and make you less likely to be resentful toward others. While these positive aspects of your life may be floating around in your subconscious, writing them down makes them more concrete. 

4. Maintain a To-Do List

Maintaining a To-Do-List every morning brings structure to your day. We are often worried about nothing, and when we have too much work, we get so stressed out that we end up with no work done and an exponential amount of stress in our bodies.

Writing things down also ensures that every task is supervised and no errand is left unattended. Most of the time, we stress because we are unsure where to begin. We panic about the fact that a task might slip our minds. A to-do list kills two birds with one stone!

Besides, striking off a goal once completed attains a sense of accomplishment. It also helps us manage ourselves according to time, goal setting and prioritizing tasks from easy to difficult or vice-versa. The feeling of striking out a completed task is unmatched. It will empower you to complete the remaining tasks until there is nothing left.

5. Hygge: Me-Time

Hygge is a Danish word that is popular in Scandinavia. These countries are the happiest in the world, and their time devoted to Hygge has a considerable role to play in it. Since these countries experience limited sunlight and freezing climate, Hygge is a part of their lifestyle. Hygge means creating a warm and cozy environment with candles, throws, hot chocolate, or whatever smoothly sings comfort to relish the present moment. Hygge can also mean reading a book, staring at a tree from your balcony with a cup of coffee, or dancing in your room!

Experiencing Hygge reduces stress and improves emotional well-being. There isn’t any scientific research examining the perks of the practice as a whole. “The support for hygge comes from its independent components — it hasn’t been tested as a set of environmental conditions,” notes Sally Augustin, Ph.D., environmental and design psychologist and principal at the Chicago-based design firm Design With Science. Dr. Augustin’s work focuses on using design in science-backed ways to improve cognitive, emotional, and physical experiences. (6)

6. Nature therapy or Ecotherapy

Nature therapy or Ecotherapy is the practice of spending time in nature to boost growth, healing, and mental health. It is also called green care, green exercise, green therapy, or horticulture therapy. Although people use these terms to describe many outdoor activities, they can also be examples of specific nature-therapy programs.

Shirin-Yoku, or forest bathing, is a practice that has been integrated into the Japanese healthcare system since 1982 to promote wellness and disease prevention, particularly for workers’ stress management. It consists of simply “taking in” the forest environment through all five senses and paying close attention to those. Apart from Forest bathing, the following methods can be used to practice Ecotherapy:

  • Community gardening or farming
  • Wilderness or adventure therapy
  • Park prescriptions
  • Animal-assisted therapy
  • Outdoor meditation and yoga

7. Expressive Arts Therapy

When people say, “Pick a hobby,” it has a much deeper meaning than they realize. Apart from taking your mind off something disturbing, it is an outlet for emotion that can promote self-awareness, emotional well-being, healing, and self-esteem. Here are the advantages of Expressive Arts Therapy . Tips and tricks.

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