AI In Dating? That’s Revolutionary!

AI In Dating? That’s Revolutionary! || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 04, 2020

AI In Dating? That’s Revolutionary!

Dating is something very natural to humans. Boys/Men use various mediums to meet and know Girls/Women and vice-versa. Traditionally, a date was set-up after two people would meet at a public place or gathering. Of course, people do set-up dates today too after meeting a probable match out in public places. But, with the introduction of AI in dating apps, this has become easier and quicker.

AI or Artificial intelligence as it is called has revolutionized the way people meet through dating apps. Dating apps more than a decade ago we’re mainly about finding your right partner after scrolling through a big list of profiles. You never know who would be genuine or not.

How AI Is Influencing Dating Apps?

The recent introduction of online dating apps a few years ago was the swipe feature. You either swipe right or left to accept or reject a person respectively. This is still the trend, though. A survey says that around thirty percent of youngsters in the age group of 18 to 29 use dating apps to find their partners.

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence or AI as called popularly can drastically alter the way people date. Instead of swiping left or right, an AI assistant would give you your perfect match or the best probable match/matches based on a variety of factors. These would be your preferences, behavior on the app, including your previous chats with others, your personal details and tastes.

More relevant data is vital. It’s said that the more the data, the more are the chances of a good match. On apps that deploy AI assistants, you need to answer a number of questions to complete your profile and suggest the right matches.

The Advantages Of AI in Dating

  • You get perfect matches instead of a boring long list. AIs can detect the minutest of patterns in your behavior and match you with people on the basis of your preferences.
  • AIs help you in detecting fraudulent profiles. Fraud has been a major issue on dating sites, and AI with its ability to detect patterns of suspicious or fraudulent behavior prevents you from matching with fake profiles.
  • AIs help moderate the content being posted on dating apps. It can warn users if they post explicit or illegal content, and even remove them if high risk.
  • AIs can help you improve your dating profile by suggesting improvements in your profile content.

Nicky Is Happy with Her Partner

Nicky is in the second year of her college. She had been browsing through various dating apps to find her probable boyfriend. During a casual chat with her friend Rebecca, she was suggested to try out an AI-assisted dating site called DESPERATE BBWs, a popular AI-assisted dating site.

Nicky registered on the DESPERATE BBWs website without paying any fee. She started filling in her profile, and very soon she got a few matches that were almost what she expected from her boyfriend.

She started conversing with James, whose profile attracted her the most. Their first date the next weekend confirmed that they are meant for each other. Nicky and James are a happy couple now.

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