Bond Over a Virtual Date – How COVID-19 Has Changed Dating

Bond Over a Virtual Date – How COVID-19 Has Changed Dating || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 05, 2020

Bond Over a Virtual Date – How COVID-19 Has Changed Dating

Coronavirus and Online Dating 

How COVID-19 Has Changed Dating? Dating was all fun and games until the pandemic ushered in new lifestyle changes. In the times where physical-distancing is the latest trend, what does the future hold for new-age romantics?

If reports are anything to go by, then there has been a spike in usage of matchmaking apps. Online dating is the new haven for new generation lovers. While enjoying a movie date or fine dining experiences are far from reality; online dating apps and sites are a boon for singles.

The concept of online matchmaking platforms was already a popular concept way before COVID-19. People were increasingly becoming comfortable with meeting and dating people through matchmaking apps.

Bond Over a Virtual Date – How COVID-19 Has Changed Dating

As per reports, there has been a 10% increase in matches globally. Cyber-dating is a refreshing and convenient way to match with similar-minded singles. You do not have the added pressure of meeting, unlike the traditional matching system. Also, you can take your own time to meet the match of your choice once you have chatted or spoken to them virtually.

No wonder, there has been a spurt in the number of users during the lockdown. Singles, who earlier buried themselves nose-deep in work life, now have all the time to themselves. So, it makes sense for singles who want a partner to share their day-to-day lives with a turn to virtual apps.

It’s fun to know someone new, to feel the spark and connection. With online dating apps and sites, there are endless possibilities to forge a connection with someone with similar backgrounds and interests. Now, the main concern is finding a genuine dating platform with fewer chances of fake profiles. And Erotic Madness – a virtual dating platform – is the best way to connect two potential matches.

Erotic madness – Discover Your Potential Matches

Erotic Madness has the attention of many romantics and new-age lovers for its authenticity and privacy. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, this website presents a list of potential matches to the users. The best part is that users do not have to while their time looking through endless profiles. Erotic madness sends personalized daily mail to their users who have been selected based on their interests and preferences.

How does Erotic madness work?

It is an easy three-step process. Users have to fill out their personal information. Later with the help of an AI assistant, they are shown capable matches who share the same hobbies and interests. Once the users confirm their mail, they are directed to a series of other questions that make the process of matchmaking easier. Make all your love wishes come true with Erotic Madness. Register yourself on and bond over a virtual date.

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