Busting the Modern Myths Of Internet Dating!

Busting the Modern Myths Of Internet Dating! || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Victor
  • Published : July 27, 2020

Busting the Modern Myths Of Internet Dating!

Meet someone in a crowded ballroom, lock eyes, dance and fall in love—seems an excerpt straight out of some 19th century romantic novel. That’s not how people meet and fall in love nowadays; this is a whole new era of technological advancement and digitization. No doubt technology has eased our problems, finding an ideal date being one of them. Online dating is the latest trend, where people get to create their profiles, swipe through thousands of others, chat and decide to go on a date. So, in short, Online Dating is the answer to all the singles out there searching for an ideal partner.

Even though the practice of meeting new people in search of dates online is only a decade old, the online dating market has grown at an astonishing rate ever since. Once considered a taboo and a desperate effort of hopeless singles, the norm is now standard and socially acceptable. A vast majority of people who are dating and are in committed relationships belong to the category of those who came to know each other online, either through social media or dating websites.

Online dating has overcome the negative stigma as it is now common to meet people online, thanks to social media. Many people have met their dates through Instagram and Facebook. So, online dating is just a way to meet people who are looking for years or want to have a relationship. There are many factors to it—hundreds of free dating apps and websites, accessibility to the internet and a large number of singles. But there are still certain myths when it comes to dating online. Let’s have a look at some common myths related to online dating. Tips and tricks.

What are the myths related to online dating?

There are different aspects to online dating—maybe you want a serious relationship or just a casual one, perhaps the person you are dating is not honest and a lot more. Internet is full of articles with headings “Online dating went wrong”, but there are none that reads “Online dating gone right”, so don’t just dwell on the negative side, do some proper research. Here, we have listed some myths associated with online dating.

  • Everyone is dishonest:

There are many cases where some profiles are fake, where people give false details about their background and education, but not every pattern is fake. A bit of exaggeration is standard when it comes to online dating profiles, but that is no different in the case of offline dating. So, be alert and have a good time researching before you plan a night out.

  • Online dating is not safe:

‘Catfish’ is the term used for the act where a person is lured into a relationship through a fictional online persona. So it is quite common for people to stigmatize that online dating is always going to lead to a doomed relationship.

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Why should you create a profile on Cindy Matches?

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Creating a profile is even easier and hassle-free, without unnecessary steps to follow, keep away from exaggeration. Once you create your profile, Cindy Matches will present hundreds of options to choose from. So have a good time chatting and planning your next date.

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