Buy A Home Warranty And Get Your Home Covered

Buy A Home Warranty And Get Your Home Covered || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 14, 2020

Buy A Home Warranty And Get Your Home Covered

Buying a Home Warranty ensures that your home is safe and protected. When it comes to repairs and renovations, affordability is a constraint. The expenses can burn a hold in your pocket. But, a home warranty will provide discounted replacement and repair services for your household appliances and systems. So, buy a home warranty and get your home covered.

What do Home Warranty Plans Cover?

With a plethora of home warranty companies present in the market, it will be quite tiresome and time-consuming to find the plan that is right for your home. There is different coverage options, pricing, appliances plan and systems plan. So, if you want to buy a home warranty online, it is mandatory to choose a website that covers all of the factors mentioned above.

For instance, Choice Home Warranty, a top-rated home warranty website comes with two kinds of plans; a basic plan which covers 14 home appliances and a total plan which provides coverage for 18 appliances. The optional coverage includes additional services like pool/spa, sump pump, central vacuum etc.

Furthermore, the flexible plans at Choice Home Warranty cover components of up to 21 of the essential home systems and appliances you depend on every day, from an A/C to a refrigerator to a water heater. You can view the sample contract for a complete list of what the plans will cover here.

How is Home Warranty different from Homeowners Insurance?

Many people confuse Home Warranty with Homeowners Insurance, even though people avail them for different purposes. Homeowners Insurance is mandatory; you are required to have one in order avail mortgage on a home, whereas Home Warranty is availed by choice.

A Home Warranty will cover the repair or replacement of home systems and appliances that fail to function correctly. It will include kitchen appliances, HVAC etc. Unlike Homeowners Insurance, a home warranty is not mandatory. You can purchase it as 12-month contract terms.

On the other hand, Homeowners Insurance covers four primary areas. They are the interiors and exteriors of a house, personal property in the case of theft, loss or damage, and general liability if someone has an injury your property. The annual cost lies between $300-$1000, and the one needs to renew the policies yearly.

Why should you buy a Home Warranty from Choice Home Warranty?

Buying a house can be both exciting and scary. So, buy a home warranty and protect your home. Choice Home warranty was started to protect homeowners from the expensive and unexpected repair and replacement costs that are inevitable with home-ownership. The company has over 16,000 contractors across the nation and the most comprehensive coverage on the market, which makes it a one-stop destination for buying a home warranty.

How to Start?

The entire process of buying a home warranty is quick and straightforward with Choice Home Warranty. All you have to do is:

  • Click on the offer link, and you will be redirected to the registration page.
  • Answer simple questions related to your home.
  • Enter the following details: First Name, Last Name, Email, Home Phone Number, Work Phone Number, Zip Code
  • Click on Get Your Free Quote
  • Choose from the basic plan and total plan, select optional coverage.
  • Click Continue, and you will be displayed your personalized quote.
  • Choose a payment method and click on purchase.

Could it be more natural? Choice Home Warranty is one of the top-ranked home warranty websites, which is 100 percent secure and trustworthy. So waste no more time, buy a home warranty and protect your home.

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