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Buy Wines On Offer Get the Best Deal || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 31, 2020

Buy Wines On Offer Get the Best Deal

A great bottle of wine is enough to swallow all the stress you might have after a heavy work week. Not only that— wine is believed to have significant health effects, including its anxiety relieve mechanism. But, a great bottle of wine might leave a strain on your pocket as they are quite expensive.  

However, you can get heavy discounts on Mystery Cellar Wines at Splash Wines. Get ready to relieve all the stress and relax, as we tell you how to grab them.

How to get heavy discounts on wines?

There are a thousand different tips on how to get wine at discounted prices. Buying by the case and not by the bottle, seeking out the bin-ends selections, shopping around and trying different stores being few of them. 

However, taking advantage of a great daily deal website wouldn’t be a bad idea either. These websites offer massive discounts on wines, sometimes as high as up to 70%. One of such websites is Splash Wines that offers 15 bottles of their best curated wines for only $8.67 per bottle. Besides, you also get free shipping.

The concept of buying wine online might seem a bit unusual, especially to those who like buying theirs from top-notch wine stores. But, you will find that it is a savvy way to buy wine and score some money. Who knows, scouring websites like Splash Wines might be your next money-saving hack.

The great Splash Wines deal— 15 bottles at $129.95

Let’s face it; we need wine now as much as ever and so, Splash Wines has opened their Cellar to help. The website has curated a special Mystery Cellar offer, featuring unbelievable wines straight from their Cellar. These wines range from about $20 to $60 in retail value, which means you are promised that they include some real gems from Splash Wine’s favorite vineyards and at greater savings than any other offer. 

You get 15 bottles—but no more than three of any one wine—red, white or mixed. You won’t know what they are until you open the box, but the surprise will be a good one; Splash Wines guarantees you will like them or you won’t pay for them! Every order includes three bottles of Angela Estate Oregon Pinot Noir that retails for a combined $130 – 2 $35 bottles and 1 $60 bottle.

Why should you choose Splash Wines for your next wine getaway?

It is necessary sometimes to gulp on your favorite wine and escape reality, especially when you have to de-stress. Nonetheless, you wouldn’t want to put on hold your much-awaited wine getaway, because of the hefty prices. Keeping that in mind, Splash Wines comes with a “gotta-love it “guarantees. In simple terms, if the wine you buy from Splash Wines doesn’t meet your high expectations, you can contact the website and let them know. Splash Wines welcomes customer reviews with open arms and will do what it takes to make your wine right.

So hurry up, the sell out risk is high on Splash Wine. You surely do not afford to miss out the massive discounts and other great deals they have in store for you. Visit Splash Wines today and order your box of 15 mystery cellar wines, enjoy your much-needed wine getaway.

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