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  • Published : January 17, 2023

Career Clusters: 13 In-Demand Industries You Can Create A Career In 2023

Deciding on a career from a cluster is a challenging endeavor, mainly because there are so many options to choose from, each one different from the other. Therefore, most students have no subconscious certainty about one particular industry. It is a monumental decision as it will dictate the trajectory of your life and curate your personality as you evolve. You will be perceived based on your occupation. You can always switch careers, but it will only take away precious time from your life. Hence, choosing a befitting career upfront is more important than ever.

In this post, you will discover career clusters, which consist of 13 in-demand industries in which you can create a successful career in 2023 and beyond. We cannot tell you which career to choose; we can only guide you through the options—you should be the one taking the plunge. Go through the list and analyze which industry piques your interest. You will notice that you gradually lean toward a few industries and not so much toward others.

What Is Career Cluster?

Career clusters is a framework of broad careers or industries designed by the U.S. Department of Education to prepare students to pick the right career post high school. In a nutshell, career clusters were created for students to make the right career decision as they progress further in their lives. With career clusters, you can explore a wide variety of industries that will probably be in high demand for a long time.

Furthermore, when you’re totally aware of the required skillset for a particular career, you can prepare yourself to meet and transcend them. A great student is not one who does well in exams; he/she is one who knows what they are studying and why—When the purpose is clear, the outcome automatically presents itself. Choose wisely and prepare yourself for what awaits you.

13 In-Demand Industries Within Career Clusters

Career Clusters: 13 In-Demand Industries You Can Create A Career In 2023

#1: Agriculture and Food

There are nearly 8 Billion people in the world as of 2023, among which 333 million are in the United States alone. They will all need food every day, regardless of the pandemic. Hence, getting into a field related to agriculture and food production will always be valuable.

You could be an Agricultural engineer, economist, farm manager, plant scientist, Horticulturalist, Agronomist, Veterinarian, Agricultural Sales Representative, Equipment Operator, Equipment Operator, agriculture Officer, etc. There are endless options for you, and if this field interests you, definitely opt for it.

#2: Architecture and Construction

Some people dream of owning a house, while others perceive it as an investment. Nevertheless, the need for architecture will always be in demand. The job is not easy; you must be very good at what you do and be precise.

Look at the new mission statement released by Dubai; they are building a project called “The Line,” a smart city project. It is going to be a marvelous structure to behold. Who do you think will make this project a success? The architectures, of course!

The project will burn billions of dollars and is predicted to be ready by 2030 or 2050. That is just one of the marvels; you could be a part of dozens of projects that bring computerized structure to life—architecture is a fascinating career to evolve into; you could be a Landscape, Retrofit, Industrial, or commercial architect. Besides, there are many other positions to fill as well.

#3: Audio/Video Technology

A splendid industry that enables working from anywhere in the world. Social media is full of videos; the way it’s headed, the transition into complete video content will transpire soon. You could work for some of the world’s best influencers, companies, and individuals if you have excellent video editing skills and interests.

Most people in the USA perceive becoming a YouTube Influencer as a viable career option. You must get into the video industry if you are one of them. Furthermore, the movies we enjoy today are only possible due to the efforts of video/audio technology. One of the best examples is Avatar 2. It is a complete work of art that needs video technicians. Projects like these will only increase in popularity.

Furthermore, the audio industry has boomed recently, and the rise of podcasts and audiobooks is here to stay.

#4: Business Management and Administration

Career Clusters: 13 In-Demand Industries You Can Create A Career In 2023

A perfectly viable industry that most youth is attracted to is business. Everybody wants to be a CEO and start a company that changes the world. There are endless possibilities in the business and management industry.

You could get into logistics, accounting, information software and systems, marketing, and more. The choice is yours.

#5: Education and Training

People consume education on a massive scale today. The rise of online courses and remote learning has opened a space for people interested in training and educating others. Some of the best educators have turned it into a business and are making millions of dollars per month.

#6: Finance

The world of finance is unmatched. There are so many sectors and possibilities that you could easily make a great career in it. People who are great with numbers could make a perfect life for themselves. You can become an investor, chartered accountant, investment banker, financial analyst, financial advisor, etc.

#7: Government & Public Administration

The government needs capable people to function appropriately. You could take the position of an immigration officer, legal secretary, librarian, grade officer, scientist for government projects, etc., and serve your country. Many jobs are available in the government and public admin sectors. It is a viable option for those who wish to have a safe and secure career.

#8: Health Science

Career Clusters: 13 In-Demand Industries You Can Create A Career In 2023

As the name suggests, the jobs within health science prominently revolve around making people healthy. People’s lifestyles have become tragically unhealthy, and someone should be performing the role of a savior; it could be you. When you choose health science, you can become a Medical and health science manager, Biomedical Engineer, Radiation Therapist, Dental Hygienist, Dietician or Nutritionist, Physician Assistant, Physician Assistant, Genetic Counselor, Genetic Counselor, and more.

#9: Hospitality & Tourism

The world is beautiful, and people love to travel and explore diverse territories. No matter where they land, they need proper accommodations and service to have a great overall experience. That’s where you come in. There are many opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industry. You could work in hotels, housekeeping, airports, resorts, parks, etc., or take care of people’s leisure activities.

#10: Information Technology

The IT industry is booming with affluence and will keep growing substantially. If you love technology, then the IT industry is for you. The sheer number of opportunities in the IT sector is phenomenal. You could become a Data Scientist, IoT Solutions Architect, Data Engineer, Software Architect, Blockchain engineer, DevOps Engineer, Full-Stack Developer, Cloud Architect, and more.

#11: Manufacturing and Transportation

Major companies like Amazon are only becoming successful due to strong manufacturing and transport aid. If it weren’t for the people working in the manufacturing department, the world wouldn’t be as robust as it is today. The scope available in the manufacturing industry is insurmountable. You could become a mechanical engineer, laser operator, metal fabricator, packer, technician, assembler, machinist, manufacturing manager, service technician, operations manager, etc.

Due to the rise of home delivery businesses, there will always be a demand in the manufacturing industry.

#12: Marketing, Sales & Service

Career Clusters: 13 In-Demand Industries You Can Create A Career In 2023

Every business needs marketing, especially when they’re getting started. Marketing is how a company or brand builds a reputation and gets attention in the marketplace. Jobs like marketers, social media managers, sales representatives, and closers are the most rewarding career options since there is no income ceiling. You can literally make unlimited money when you’re exceptionally great at marketing and sales.

#13: Science, Technology, & Mathematics

Science drives the world further into the future. The technology we’re casually using today was nothing more than an imagination a few years ago. Due to the desire of a few science and mathematics enthusiasts, we have technologies like electric cars, space stations, satellites, robots, nanotechnology, and more.

Each sector requires science and mathematics to sustain and evolve. If creating the next technology excites you, science and technology could keep you busy for the rest of your life.

There are definitely more rewarding fields that will stay in demand, like law, public safety, and human services. We’re curious, which industry did you find the most

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