COVID-19: New Zealand records 100 Days without Community Transmission

COVID-19: New Zealand records 100 Days without Community Transmission || NeoDrafts

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  • Published : August 10, 2020

COVID-19: New Zealand records 100 Days without Community Transmission

New Zealand has recorded 100 days on Sunday without a single case of COVID-19 or community transmission. This is a remarkable feat to achieve. Sunday was the fourth day in a row without any instances of new Covid-19 cases.

The last case was on May 1, just days after the country started to relax on lockdown.

For so many people in the 5 million South Pacific nation, life has started to improve. They attend rugby matches at packed ballparks and sit in bars and restaurants without being afraid to get infected. But some fears the country may become careless and does not plan quite well for future outbreaks.

How NewZealand Won Against Corona Virus?

New Zealand managed to eliminate the virus by enacting a strict lockdown at the end of March when the disease was tested positively by only about 100 people. That halted the spread. The only reported cases have been a fair number of returning commuters who were quarantined at the border for the last three months.

Praised globally for handling the pandemic, the nation’s leadership has lifted nearly all of its limitations on lockdowns, first enforced in March.

An advance lockout, rigorous border controls, positive health campaigns and an ambitious test-and-trace system have all been credited with effectively eliminating the country’s virus.

But authorities have cautioned against naivety, saying there was still a second wave of incidents.

“Achieving 100 days without community transmission is an important milestone, but as we all know, we cannot afford to be complacent,” said Health Director-General Dr. Ashley Bloomfield on Sunday.

The Pacific Island nation has restored to pre-pandemic life, with people attending sporting venues and dining out in restaurants. However, it cautioned its five million citizens against lowering their protection. As it observes how surges are once again suffering from neighbouring countries, including Australia and Vietnam.

As the country marks the remarkable milestone, authorities are concerned that people have started to take a lax action plan, refusing testing and tracking contacts, and many are no longer obeying essential but crucial regulations of hygiene.

The landmark comes as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern launched Saturday’s bid for re-election, saying it will be a “COVID election.”

Some countries were prosperous in suppressing the virus early on only to see infections increase again after lifting restrictions on lockdowns that harmed the economies.

How Other Countries Tackling Corona Virus?

Up until July, when a 57-year-old man in Da Nang tested positive for the virus, Vietnam went 99 days without any community transmission.

By the end of July, Da Nang was the epicentre of a new coronavirus outbreak. It resulted in the nation’s first coronavirus death since the start of the pandemic.

Elsewhere, in Australia’s second-biggest city, Melbourne is under a six-week lockdown after quarantine lapses led to a second outbreak.

New Zealand has 23 active cases of coronavirus in quarantine facilities. Instances of security breaches have occurred, including evidence of citizens evading quarantine after coming from outside the country.

The country has increased testing at maintained isolation facilities and clinics last week in its continuous fight with the virus. It has begun building Bluetooth tools to monitor cases.

Today, the international tourism industry in New Zealand has crashed. The country remains more disconnected from the outside world than ever before. Ardern ‘s government has been hesitant to reopen the frontier to any other country. However, other countries allowing tourists with caution.

But, at least Sunday marked a landmark, noted by many in New Zealand with a sense of appreciation and relief.

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