COVID-19 Patients Are Prone To Heart Problems After Recovery

COVID-19 Patients Are Prone To Heart Problems After Recovery || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 03, 2020

COVID-19 Patients Are Prone To Heart Problems After Recovery

Recently, 100 patients who recovered from coronavirus were analyzed, and it was found that nearly 80% of them had chances of suffering cardiac manifestations of this disease. These findings indicate that there is a for the need for research to understand the long-term consequences of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Patients Are Prone To Heart Problems After Recovery. The study has been published in the journal of the American Medical Association. About 100 patients who have recovered from the COVID-19 infection recently were analyzed from university hospital Frankfurt between April and June.

Surprisingly it was found that out of a hundred patients who were analyzed as a part of the study, 78 of them had cardiac involvement, and 60 of them had ongoing heart inflammation.

The researchers have stated that the reported symptoms are undoubtedly independent of pre-existing condition severity and overall course of the acute illness.

As a part of the study, the researchers carefully studied the patient demographic characteristics CMR scans and main blood cause of heart has the century recent recovery cases from the coronavirus infection were analyzed to with the help of RT PCR assays which check for the presence of the virus in the patient’s upper respiratory tract.

Talking of the demographics, 53 of the patients were male, and the rest 47 were female, the male patients had an average of 49 years with that being said 67 patients recovered at home and 33 were hospitalized for recovery according to the study according to the scientist the results of the study provide valuable insights into the prevalence of cardiovascular involvement in the early convalescent stage.

Talking of the limitations of the study based on COVID-19, the researchers said that the findings are not validated for the use in paediatric patients 18 years or younger. Patients suffering from acute COVID-19 infection or those who are asymptomatic with an infection were not represented by the researchers added.

When compared with similar people who did not suffer the COVID-19 infection, the patients who have recovered recently had risk factors for heart failure, their heart pump more weakly. Out of a hundred patients included in the study, 36 had ongoing shortness of breath and felt exhausted consistently.

While we do not have direct evidence for late consequences such as the development of heart failure it is quite possible that in a few years this product will be enormous based on what we have learnt from other viral conditions that similarly affect the heart, Puntmann said.

The hundred patients included in the study are in the age group of 45 to 53 years. The reports suggest that they suffered heart muscle problems while undergoing MRI tests.

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