Dating and Relationships In Internet Era

Dating and Relationships In Internet Era || NeoDrafts

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  • Published : July 17, 2020

Dating and Relationships In Internet Era

Online dating is emerging as the most convenient and trendy way of matchmaking. One no longer depends on traditional routes of meeting people – friends, coworkers, family. Online dating apps and websites are spoiling users with choices and convenience The online dating market has witnessed an exponential growth over the last decade, thanks to the changing mindset of people and technological advancement. The reason behind the astounding popularity of online dating is that it makes finding an ideal date easy and hassle free. Of course due to busy work schedules and convenience of internet broadband, online dating doesn’t seem a risk anymore.

Some people switch to online dating in the hope to find their future spouses, while for others, it is just a way to date someone till they are ready for commitments. Whatever be the intention, online dating has overcome the stigma of being called a hopeless attempt of desperate singles, and is now common and socially acceptable. People find it perfectly normal now to meet or date someone you meet online.

Different people have different expectations when they go on a date, some go for fun, some in search of their other halves, some only for casual dating, and for some it is only a way to hook up. So, there are individual types of websites for all particular purposes, there are dating sites only for hookups, some for people with busy schedules, while some for those who want to get into a serious relationship. And online dating apps fulfills all the above criteria. You can pick your profiles based on your needs.

Why should you prefer online dating over traditional dating?

For people who don’t like coming out of their comfort zones and trying new things, onlinedating

is just like jumping off a cliff. But if it goes right, you will fall in love with it. It is just like telling a robot (Phone, Laptop) your deepest desires regarding your partner, and he will secretly find your Mr. /Miss right for you. Well, there are many reasons as to why you should come out of your comfort zone and explore options!

  • You can go on at your own pace:

If you are not into meeting someone today and going on a date the very next day, you are probably someone who likes to take things slow. Online dating is best if you want to talk and know a person before starting to date.

  • You get to meet people out of your social circle:

Surrounded by friends, family and coworkers all day, it is difficult to find someone entirely out of your social circle. But online dating makes it possible to find someone completely different, from a different city or even country!

  • People you meet online tend to be honest:

While it is a common social myth that people you come across through online dating apps and websites are frauds and liars, even if they are, they are less in number. People who meet online tend to be straightforward and completely honest with each other about their background, work and social life.

There are a plethora of reasons why you should stop thinking of online dating as a taboo and start considering it. If you choose the right dating platform, you have won half the battle. Cindy Matches is one such platform that will make dating easier for you.

Why choose Cindy Matches?

Life, freedom and Cultural Background are the key factors Cindy Matches considers before finding you your perfect match. The Artificial Intelligence-based dating assistant will collect all the information you enter while creating a profile, and calculate your CM score, based on your lifestyle, freedom and CB. After that, you can spend your time chatting and planning a night out with people who have similar CM scores.

Not only that, after you have completed the registration process, but Cindy Matches will also start searching through thousands of profiles to show you a single personalized match, moreover it will send you 47 games! After that, you will get a new match daily through email. Now, finding an ideal date will surely become your cup of tea; all you have to do is click  and register! Dating has never been this easier!

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