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  • Author : Victor
  • Published : August 13, 2020

Do You Need Home Warranty?

Home Warranty is a shield or a safety net against unforeseen repairs. When you buy or rent a new home, there are high chances that you will be offered a home warranty. You can never predict if there could be a crack in the pipe or some problem with the electric dryer which if undetected, can cause a big problem. To protect the buyers from the unforeseen situations, many home warranties protect homeowners from high repair costs.

The warranty covers the expenses of repairing and maintaining the appliances, plumbing, and electrical appliances such as heater and air conditioner. These warranties act as a sweetener to end a home sale, especially if the property has been in the market on sale for a long time. But there is a limit to which the sellers cover the repair expenses. Thus the buyers need to go through the terms and conditions properly before signing any deal.

Do You Need Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a protection plan or contract that will cover the repair & replacement costs systems and appliances in your home. It is a service contract between a buyer and a seller which includes a list of particular appliances and systems in our home for a specified period. For example, if a washing machine is covered under a house warranty and if it gets damaged, the warranty company will pay for its repairs or might have to replace the unit as well.

Now, wouldn’t it be great if potential buyers interested in a home warranty could find a genuine place to purchase? Choice Home Warranty is your go-to-destination for protecting your home. You can also choose the amount based on your needs.

Why Should You Purchase from Choice Home Warranty:

Choice Home Warranty is one of the most preferred warranties of home companies. Buyers can choose from a variety of plans available that fits their needs. There are thousands of contractors available in their network. Their main motto is to provide peace of mind by offering warranties to thousands of homeowners.

It is a straightforward process, to begin with. The buyer willing to purchase a house warranty has to answer a series of questions regarding the status of their current house, for how long they have owned the house, and if they can afford the monthly repair bills. It is the discretion of the buyer as to which plan he is willing to choose. Worried about substantial repair expenses? Choice Home Warranty has got you covered. Get a Free Quote Today.

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