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Dont Curb Your Gaming Enthusiasm: Win Xbox one X for free || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : September 11, 2020

Dont Curb Your Gaming Enthusiasm: Win Xbox one X for free

Xbox One X is the king of gaming consoles. I mean, all the gaming wizards can vouch for that. It is the ultimate gadget to play a plethora of games with all its beautiful and realistic graphic experiences. So, fancy laying your hands on a piece of gaming console that has 1TB storage capacity with backward compatibility and has a motion control sensor? Then, Register yourself to a sweepstakes competition to win one for free. Sounds amazing right because who wouldn’t want to get free gaming consoles. Moreover, it’s all about luck. So, one need not be an expert or have any specific set of skills. However, knowing the tips and tricks to win a sweepstakes contest can get you closer to winning.

Sweepstakes increase the reach of the contest where many can enlist for the sake of engagement and the excitement to win. So, where to enlist? First of all. there are many sites which are full of hoaxes and scams. Lack of organizational methods, shady terms, and conditions, a sporadic procedure of enrollment are some of the signs of a scamming site. So, steer clear of registering on such sites and wasting your time. 

However, you can enroll in Monthly Sweeps to avail the best offer that there is, that is to get the Xbox One X for free. All you have to do is register using their standard or alternative procedure followed by filling up an entry form. Monthly sweeps are giving away multiple bundles, without any need to purchase from the site. All you need to do is register, answer a few quick questions on the survey, and instantly become a participant for the grand prize. 

How to enroll in Monthly Sweeps & Win Xbox one X for free?

The entire procedure to join the manhunt behind winning the Xbox one X is simple, lenient, and manageable. They have introduced two methods for the comfortability of the audience. You can enroll using any mode you prefer.

Standard method:

  • The standard method requires you to fill up the entry form as the institution process where you have to provide them with information regarding your identification.

The questions that will be asked are what your name is, your address, your zip code, your valid email address along with your contact information. After entering all your identification inputs, click on enter.

  • The next step compels you to fill up a survey. The poll contains questions regarding various issues. Provide a truthful and subjective answer.
  • After finalizing the poll, tap on “Confirm Sweepstakes Entry” for completion. 

The alternate method:

  • Visit the official website of Monthly Sweeps where you will notice their alternate entry form.
  • After that, fill the form using your valid identification data.
  • Up Next, tap on submit. This particular step does not require you to fill up a ‘follow-up survey’.

The choice is yours and so are the goodies. Register now and get a free Xbox One X.

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