Effective Ways To Prevent And Stop The Spread Of COVID-19

Effective Ways To Prevent And Stop The Spread Of COVID-19 || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : September 17, 2020

Effective Ways To Prevent And Stop The Spread Of COVID-19

COVID-19 Prevention: Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease. The people affected by it will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness. The people who are likely to be affected most are elderly. Especially those with underlying medical problems like diabetes, respiratory illness, cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc.

The best way to control the spread of novel coronavirus is to prevent it by taking effective measures or slowing down the process of transmission of coronavirus.

The simple and effective measures that are to be taken to control the spread of the disease are washing regularly, using alcohol-based sanitizer, etc. Without washing hands, one should not touch the face especially eyes, nose or mouth.

How the virus spreads?

The virus transmits from a person to the other. It is through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

The infection is spreading rapidly across the globe and yet there are no specific treatments or vaccines to treat COVID-19. When an infected person sneezes, 40,000 droplets are released in a sneeze which can travel up to 6 feet. If a healthy person stands close to an infected person, the chances are high that the healthy person will get infected when the infected person sneezes. So, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends people to maintain a distance of 3 feet or one meter between two individuals.

Therefore, it is very important to protect oneself and others from infection by taking effective measures, such as wearing masks and standing at a distance from people, to prevent or to control the spread of the virus.

Wash hands using soap and water!

Every day, people tend to touch multiple surfaces and objects when they are out of the home. The surfaces and objects might be contaminated with the virus. So, the best way to prevent the infection is to wash hands regularly. One can use a hand sanitizer containing at least 70% alcohol. Although, washing hands using soap and water is highly recommended and hand sanitizer is only to be used in the absence of soap and water.

Maintain social distancing!

Social distancing is really important. It is better not to go to crowded places. It only increase the chances of getting infection as people come into contact with a COVID positive person.

Covid-19 Prevention and control!

When you bring fruits or vegetables from the market, it is necessary to wash them first. To contain the spread of the virus, an infected person must cover nose and mouth with a tissue or with the bent elbow while sneezing or coughing. If there are any symptoms of infection such as headache, cough, fever, etc, one must be self-isolated in his or her own house. He/she should take the necessary medication. They should do not come into contact with other people until he or she recovers.

Today’s Google doodle is to remind people about taking effective measures. It is to prevent and stop the spread of novel coronavirus. Wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining social distance is essential to contain the spread of Coronavirus by taking COVID-19 Prevention.

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