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  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 17, 2020

Enter Online Sweepstakes and Win Like A Pro

Eureka, now you can get $50,000 rich without much effort by participating in online sweepstakes. For the uninitiated, here is a simple definition— a sweepstake is a form of contest where you can win cash prizes and other exciting rewards based on chance rather than skill.

Many brands and companies organize these sweepstakes online as an effort to widen their market reach and spread consumer awareness. Some sweepstakes offers rewards as big as $50,000 like the instant sweepstakes on Instant Play Sweepstakes. But, before you get all buckled up, read our guide to enter online sweepstakes and win like a pro.

How to get started with sweepstakes like a pro?

Find rewards you would like to win: Sweepstakes offers all kinds of bonuses, ranging from gift cards to coupons to holiday vouchers to cash prizes. So, think of what you would like to win and enter sweepstakes that has them as rewards. Instant Play Sweepstakes has a directory of sweepstakes sorted by prize type, so visit the site to shorten your search.

Think about the information you will use during participation:

Before you jump right in, take a moment to consider the information you will enter in the forms. For instance, you can avoid problems related to notarizing your winning affidavits if you use the same name as on your official id in the entry forms. Using nicknames or fake names might get you disqualified.

Enter as much as possible:

The more you enter, the better are your chances of a win and have patience. There are daily entry instant sweepstakes on Instant Play Sweepstake that you can enter daily, and other sweepstakes that take long. If you have never won a sweepstake before, it can seem time-consuming. But develop a sweepstake strategy and keep on trying.

What has Instant Play Sweepstakes got for you?

Well, if a cash reward of $150,000 doesn’t sound tempting enough, you can enter loads of other sweepstakes and win coupons, vouchers, other exciting rewards on Instant Play Sweepstake. The entire process consists of three simple and easy steps:

  • Take a Survey: Answer questions about your demographics so that you get the best sweepstakes to enter. The questions are about your transportation preferences, how often you use a credit/debit card for an online purchase, your household income etc.
  • View Offers: Based on your answers, Instant Play Sweepstakes will display you a list of exciting sweepstakes to enter and a lot of other offers, like:
  1. Win $7,000 per week
  2. $250 Walmart Gift Voucher
  3. $5,000 Instant Sweepstake
  4. Win $100 instantly
  • Spin to win: You can then play a spin game to know if you can win the $150,000 cash reward. If you fail, don’t worry, there are loads of other sweepstakes to try your hands in.

The sweepstake on Instant Play Sweepstake is open to legal residents of the United States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico who are at least 18 years old when they enter. The no purchase necessary to enter or win, the policy makes the website stand out. So, don’t waste your time, click and play and win rewards.

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