Facebook Will Now Alert You Before You Share Covid-19 Articles!

Facebook Will Now Alert You Before You Share Covid-19 Articles! || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 17, 2020

Facebook Will Now Alert You Before You Share Covid-19 Articles!

Facebook Will Now Alert You Before You Share Covid-19 Articles! The current situation of the world is not as good as it was due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. We always keep an eye on the number of cases registered, the number of fatalities across the globe or in and around the region we live, or any other information related to this pandemic.

We look for information from various sources like newspaper, television, social networking sites, social media apps, etc. But, many a time, we were misinformed about the information related to COVID-19.

Some of the articles we read may not contain legal information pertaining to COVID-19. In this time, many social media platforms are doing their best to stop the spread of misinformation.

Facebook is going an extra mile and attempting to give the garbage off the site entirely by introducing a new warning system to its users.

Facebook’s Attempt to Curb Misinformation!

Social networking giant, Facebook is making an effort to stop the spreading of misinformation of COVID-19 on its platform. It has already seen 5G and Coronavirus conspiracy videos which already grabbed millions of views. Facebook will now alert you before you share any article related to COVID-19.

This latest effort of Facebook is to give its users more context about Coronavirus related articles which they want to share on this platform. It notifies users by popping up a notification screen which says that the post contains COVID-19 related information, its source and the time when the post has been shared. This new notification screen is introduced to help people understand the recency and source of content before they share any article.

Redirecting Users to Maintain Legitimate Information!

It also redirects people to the Information Center of COVID-19 to ensure people have access to the correct information from global health authorities.

Facebook said the same in a blog. If its users want to post an article that contains information shared by credible health authorities like the World Health Organization (WHO) or government health organizations, this notification screen will not appear.

If any article contains COVID-19 related information, Facebook highlights vital details about the post through a pop-up screen. This pop-up box clearly states that the article contains COVID-19 relevant information. It also shows a link to Facebook’s COVID-19 information hub. Notification screen also displays the original source of the article and the time when it was first shared on Facebook.

Facebook Still Allows You to Share!

The main intention behind this step is not to prevent users from sharing articles related to COVID-19; it is just an effort to combat the spread of misinformation.

The users can still share COVID-19 related articles despite this pop-up notification. This feature is rolled out in June.

Facebook started warning its users if the article they are about to share is about 90 days old. The pop-up screen displays a message saying that this article is over 3 months old. It is still up to the user whether they want to share it or not.

Facebook is also looking to introduce other kinds of pop-up screens for the next few months in order to curb the spread of misinformation on COVID-19.

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