Final Stage Testing of the COVID-19 Vaccine Begins

 Final Stage Testing of the COVID-19 Vaccine Begins || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 03, 2020

 Final Stage Testing of the COVID-19 Vaccine Begins

To stop the Coronavirus outbreak, an experimental COVID-19 vaccine has been put to the biggest test. Some 30,000 Americans rolled up their sleeves on Monday to receive the shots of the vaccine. Final stage testing of the US COVID-19 vaccine begins.

Either dummy or real shots of the COVID-19 vaccine are given to volunteers from several US cities as part of the final testing. National Institutes of Health and Moderna Inc., has developed the vaccine as a step to stop the global pandemic. Surprisingly, the volunteers don’t know whether they had received the real or dummy shot.

Even though the vaccine comes as a ray of hope against the scourge that has caused deaths of 650,000 people globally and almost 150,000 alone in the US, it will take months for the results to trickle in. Ultimately, there is no guarantee if the COVID-19 vaccine testing will be successful.

Robert O’Brien Tested Positive:

To underline the stakes, Robert O’ Brien is COVID Positive. Brien is the national security adviser and also the highest-ranked official to test positive so far.

Talking of Europe, weeks after opening the borders for tourism the cases of rising infection in Spain’s Catalonia region has alarmed the nations. Visitors from France have been urged not to visit Catalonia. Britain imposed a quarantine of 14 days on tourists arriving from Spain and Norway. A quarantine of 10 days for tourists from the Iberian peninsula. In Binghamton, New York, Melissa Harting said while volunteering,” To do my part to help out“. She is a nurse by profession and the first to receive the vaccine as the Moderna vaccine volunteer.

“I am excited, doing our part to eradicate it is very important to me”, said Harting. Her family members work in front line jobs that increase the risk of them getting the infection.

Reportedly, the officials have said that testing has been closed to 90 sites and after the two doses, it will be tracked down if the ones who got real or dummy shots were prone to infections. Scientists will track down their condition as they go through their routines in hard-hit areas where Coronavirus is still spreading.

Fauci about the Corona Vaccine:

“Unfortunately for the United States Of America, we have plenty of infections right now”, said Anthony Fauci on the testing of Coronavirus Vaccine. Fauci is the US government’s top infectious disease expert. Don’t expect it to be as strong as the measles vaccine, which prevents 97 per cent infection, said Fauci. If the Coronavirus vaccine is even 60 per cent effective in controlling the virus, he would be happy.

Also, several other Coronavirus vaccines by Oxford University in Britain and China are also in final stage tests in Brazil. But, the US will be conducting its own set of criteria for the approval of the Coronavirus vaccine. To sum up, the US is all set to do the final study of the Oxford shot in august. Also, this study will be followed by one from Johnson & Johnson and the other from Novavox, which will take place in October.

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