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  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 04, 2020

Find Top-Ranked Colleges and Apply

Do you wish to get into one of the top-ranked colleges in the US? Then this article will help you plan better for your college search and preparation.

There are around 7000 colleges in the United States and a handful of premier or Ivy League colleges. And it’s a daunting task to send applications for college selection. And did you know that just about 5 percent, that is, one out of twenty applicants, is accepted.

But the important question would be to ask yourself the reason you want to apply to the top-ranked colleges in the US. Are you aware of your choice of interest in subjects? Do you have a good academic record to apply at any of these best-ranked schools?

Typically, you can pick a college based on multiple factors. Some of them are the curriculum you choose to follow, the tuition rate, accommodation fee if you go to another state, part-time on-campus work access, degree credibility, placement assistance, etc. There are so many things to look for when choosing a college. The college you chose should, after all, represent your academic needs at times, and even your placements.

Apply to Top Ranked Colleges in the US

Prospective students apply to the best colleges in America because of the status it adds and also adds up to build a strong CV for future placements. Studying at one of the Top Universities in the US will not only add up to your resume but also help you in your career.

Apart from getting good grades and building a strong portfolio, you should also keep up with your extracurricular activities. Applying to colleges at the right time, and getting letters of recommendation are a few other things to keep in mind. Here, we have listed some of the essential college checklist items:

  • Check if the college you want to go to offers the major you are interested in.
  • Up next, check the cost of education, which will include tuition fees, cost of accommodation, meals, and other expenses.
  • Find out whether offers the extracurricular activities you are interested in.
  • Check if the campus location provides the kind of social life, climate, and career opportunities you want.
  • Then, check if the social fabric of the college campus fits your personality.
  • Next, check if the class size is suitable according to your learning style.
  • Lastly, make sure that the college does not fail to impress you.

With so many things to keep in mind, wouldn’t it be great if one could simplify their search and match with colleges based on their interests and apply? Well, browsing the web can be tedious. College Overview helps you find the right college fit and match you with top-ranked colleges based on your education goals. One can connect with a wide range of programs and colleges nationwide.

Wherever your interest lies, be it health care, business, information technology, graphic arts, or anything in-between – you can expect to find the perfect place to enroll. Based on your interests it also suggests a list of related colleges. In the end, before you send college applications, it’s always important to ask for help. Get your application proofread by a mentor or counselor. Increase the odds of your application acceptance being successful. 

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