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Free PS4 Giveaway 2020—Level Up Your Gaming Enthusiasm || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 25, 2020

Free PS4 Giveaway 2020—Level Up Your Gaming Enthusiasm

For gamers, a free PS4 giveaway might come as a surprise. So, if you are a gaming enthusiast who loves to try hands-on PlayStation games, the offer might seem too good to be true. But that’s what sweepstakes are—they bring joy in the form of rewards you could only dream of. So, jot down a list of all the PlayStation games you will play after winning the free PS4 giveaway 2020 and level up your gaming enthusiasm.

How to get a free PS4?

Gamer’s Giveaways are promotional tactics adopted by several brands to engage their customers and nurture current prospects. Various promotional or sweepstakes websites feature these giveaways. Sweepstakes draw attention from a broad audience, which results in enhanced customer engagement. And therefore, sweepstakes websites like Monthly Sweeps are the best place to look for gamer’s giveaways.

Monthly Sweeps is giving away multiple Playstation 4 bundles packed with extra goodies. All you have to do is enter the giveaway.

How to Enter the free PS4 Giveaway on Monthly Sweeps?

The entire process of entering the giveaway to winning a PS4 is quick and easy. But like any other sweepstake or promotional giveaway, the probability of your win is not one. To start:

Enter the Giveaway:

Standard Method:

  • Visit the website of Monthly Sweeps US through a valid link and complete the entry form. Enter details like First Name, Last Name, Address, ZIP Code, Phone Number and Email Address and Date of Birth. Click on enter now.
  • After you have filled the online entry form, complete the survey truthfully by answering all provided survey questions.
  • At the end of the survey, click “Confirm Sweepstakes Entry” on the last page of the study. 

Alternate Method:

  • Visit the website and complete the Alternate Entry Form using your valid and complete information.
  • Click on submit; this method doesn’t require you to answer surveys. 

During the monthly promotion period on Monthly Sweeps US, the entrant will receive one entry in the Sweepstakes for that respective Monthly Promotion Period. However, both Standard and Alternate entry methods provide the same value of entry and chances of winning.

Wait for Winner Announcement:

The monthly giveaway results will be declared within seven days of the close of the Monthly Promotion Period. The selection of winner is chosen at random from all the eligible entries. Regardless of the entry method, all the entries you make during the monthly promotional way are eligible.

After the results of the giveaway are announced, you can claim your exclusive PS4 after submitting all the required documents.

David won a PlayStation 4 worth $399 on Monthly Sweeps

David Tucker, a high school goer from Texas, is a hardcore gaming enthusiast. He entered Monthly Sweep’s gamer’s giveaway and was amongst the three lucky winners who got a chance to lay their hands on the exclusive PS4.

” I had always wanted a PS4, but couldn’t afford it. After I learnt of the gamer giveaways and sweepstakes, I was thrilled. I began searching for ways to get a free PlayStation 4 online and entered multiple sweepstakes and giveaways. Unfortunately, all of them came out to be a scam, and I realized I had wasted much of my time filling forms on fraudulent websites. I then came to know of Monthly Sweeps by a friend and entered for the free PS4 giveaway. The site’s no purchase necessary to enter policy came as a relief. So, I know it wasn’t a scam now. After seven days of entry, I got notified by Monthly Sweeps about the results. I sent all the necessary documents and had my PS4 delivered on my doorsteps. After that, I never stopped entering Sweepstakes on Monthly Sweeps”.

If you are still thinking this all too good to be true, enter the sweepstakes and win your PS4 to be able to believe. Monthly Sweeps is entirely safe, secure and legit so there is no chance you will get stuck in the web of scam. So, enter the free PS4 giveaway 2020 and level up your gaming enthusiasm, visit Monthly Sweeps today.

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