Get 15 Bottles Of Wine At an Amazing Discount

Get 15 Bottles Of Wine At an Amazing Discount || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 27, 2020

Get 15 Bottles Of Wine At an Amazing Discount

Do you know that you can grab your divine bottle of curated wines from Splash? Splash Wine have curated 15 bottles of their highest rated wine at an exclusive discounted price. It’s so affordable that you can’t miss their deal. The specially curated Mystery Cellar offer has some exotic wines. Can you believe you get 15 bottles of wine at just $8.67 per bottle? All you need to do is an order in bulk 15 bottles of mystery cellar wines to be eligible for a considerable discount. Moreover, shipping comes free of cost. There can be no better offer than this.

So, if you need convincing to purchase wine bottles, know why wine is the need of the hour.

Wine is not yet another alcoholic beverage. It’s also called the nectar of the gods, it has been around for thousands of years. And it’s the oldest drink known outside wine. Plato said that there was nothing more refined or more precious than wine was ever offered to man by the gods, and we have no desire to refute Plato!

The list of health benefits of consuming wine – lightly, of course – is long and is getting longer each year. Forget about the apple, one bottle of wine a day is likely to drive the doctor away! It’s not just red wine that has health advantages, but white wine too – red wine is richer in polyphenols, but the antioxidants in white wine are more significant!

All at Splash is Wine-o-offer! Enter them and get free delivery, 2% cashback for any order and access to exclusive deals. As a client, you know whether you want to buy wine, what type of wine you like. This is groundbreaking!

Why does Splash Wines come in 15 bottle cases?

They ship in 15-bottle cases as the flexibility of bulk transport helps them to keep rates as small as possible. With a quality guarantee, if they earn, we transfer the savings straight on to the owners.

Where are they getting their wines from?

The wines come from all over the world, made possible by our long-standing close relationships with their wine producers and suppliers. They try any wine before they want to deliver it to your shop.

And winemakers around the world speak various languages, cultivate different grapes, face varying soils and climatic environments and work under other laws. Still, they all share one thing in common — and that’s the expression of absolute happiness in our eyes when people think about wine. Then you enjoy it.

Such wines range from around $20 to $60 in retail prices. Be sure that it contains some genuine gems from the favorite vineyards and you can save more than any other bid. You get 15 bottles — but not more than three of a single wine — red, white or blended. You’re not going to know what they are until you open the box, so the surprise is going to be a nice one. they promise you’ll like them or you won’t pay for them! Per order contains three bottles of Angela Estate Oregon Pinot Noir that are available for a combined $130-2$35 bottle and 1$60 bottles. The deal is too tempting to miss. So place an order and stock your wine cellar.

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