Get a Warning Ahead of Time with Exposure Notification Software

Get a Warning Ahead of Time with Exposure Notification Software || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Victor
  • Published : August 18, 2020

Get a Warning Ahead of Time with Exposure Notification Software

Apple and Google are the best when it comes to technological world. But even these economic giants fell victim to the nasty novel coronavirus. Get a Warning Ahead of Time with Exposure Notification API Software

2020 is proving to be an unforgettable year. Not only with the pessimistic happenings like the pandemic and tensions between the world nations but also with the innovative solutions that are succeeding such incidents.

So, why the special mention of Google and Apple in relation to this topic? This is because these two technology giants are perhaps also the most significant existing databases of any matter. And the details regarding the Sars-Cov-2 is no exception to this case. Remember, this innovation is only for the benefit of society. Let us see how.

What Is This Exposure Notification API?

API short for Application Programming Interface is an interface that enables easy communication between two software. Adding exposure notification feature previously known as Privacy contact tracing became the most useful idea in the pandemic times.

This invention is a collaboration between Apple and Google. Combining their strengths for the good of the society rather than remain as mere competitors in these tough times. Do not mistake this Exposure Notification API for an application. It is just a software or an interface that helps the relevant application to function effectively.

How Does This Exposure Notification API Work?

To deal with the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, the scientists, researchers and Governments conclude that the best solution would be to mitigate the rising cases. And the success of this target depends upon quick identification of those people who knowingly or unknowingly came in contact with a COVID positive person.

Here is where this interface comes into the picture. Aiding the many public health applications developed by authorized personnel from respective governments, this interface notifies you if you were exposed to a person who tested COVID positive in close quarters.

For this, the software uses mobile connectivity services like Bluetooth etc. to gauge the proximity. When you enable this system in your Android or iOS mobile, it generates a random ID for your device. Random ID keeps changing every 20-30 minutes to prevent data theft through this interface as a source.

The same thing is working in the background for all the phones that have opted for Exposure Notification, and the random ID’s are exchanged between these phones via Bluetooth. This is where the collaboration between Apple and Google becomes useful since this allows data exchange between two different operating systems. This checks periodically comparing the random ID’s mobile proximity to an identified COVID positive person and sends a notification to your mobile in case a match is found.

How Safe is This Interface in Terms of Data Protection?

So much personal data even the step to step supervision, may not appeal to many. But this is a massive misunderstanding as the control of the data specifics lies with the user.

  • The devices use Bluetooth which does not collect or store the location specifics but only the proximity of two Bluetooth devices.
  • Exposure Notification API will neither store nor reveal the user identity to any third party
  • The COVID positive persons can remain anonymous and Exposure Notification API’s random generated Id’s will identify them.

One of the steps that definitely takes the journey of this fight against the deadly coronavirus is this collaboration project. According to a study, such warning and identification techniques reduced the infections from 40% to 20%.

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