GPT: Will Open AI be able to replace Google Chrome and Apple Safari by 2024?

GPT: Will Open AI be able to replace Google Chrome and Apple Safari by 2024? || NeoDrafts

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  • Published : January 19, 2023

GPT: Will Open AI be able to replace Google Chrome and Apple Safari by 2024?

The best part about technology is that there is always a possibility for change. Google has dominated the marketplace for over a decade and has seemed irreplaceable until today. In 2022, OpenAI introduced Chat GPT and took over the internet by storm; suddenly, everybody was amazed by its unreached potential.

The number one question in everybody’s mind is: can Open AI, using Chat GPT, replace Google and Apple search engines in upcoming years? Let’s find out in this post.

What Is OpenAI and Chat GPT?

OpenAI is an American artificial intelligence research and development company aiming to create operational artificial general intelligence that could benefit humanity. It was all high and mighty until we realized they created a bot that could replace mega search engines like Google. Sam Altman, Elon Musk, and a few other members founded the company in 2015.

You may be wondering whether Elon Musk owns OpenAI and the answer is NO. In 2018, Elon sold his shares of OpenAI to Microsoft and currently holds no significant stake in the company. Microsoft later invested a total of $1 billion in the company.

Open AI initiated its organization with the intention of freely collaborating with other institutions and making all their patented finding an open-source module for the general public to use. Their motto is still applicable and valid in 2023. Chat GPT is built upon Open AIs’ existing bot GPT-3.

In November 2022. OpenAI launched its chatbot named Chat GPT, which transformed research into a dialog.

How Does Chat GPT Works?

GPT: Will Open AI be able to replace Google Chrome and Apple Safari by 2024?

To understand the workings of Chat GPT, imagine you typing your query on the Google Chrome browser. When you hit search, you are presented with millions of results within seconds. However, we hardly cross the first or second page. Moreover, the results themselves are lists of advertisements on the top and then highest-ranking blogs that might have the answer to our question somewhere in between. You open the blog, read it, skip all kinds of ads, and 4-5 paragraphs later, you get your answer—This is a typical method of researching a query.

Chat GPT has discarded all the additional steps and turned researching into a conversation. You are chatting with a robot on the internet, asking queries, and once you do, it will read all the blogs, articles, etc., and give you precisely what you need in one message. It’s similar to you having a question and sending a message on WhatsApp to your friend, and they write back the answer in one line or paragraph.

It means you no longer have to deal with advertisements, read entire blogs, and deal with multiple search results. It is a fascinating approach to research. Imagine you are a student committing to research a particular topic, and you get all the answers directly within seconds. It will make your life a lot easier.

Chat GPT is an intelligent bot that communicates with you, asks follow-up questions, and even admits its mistake when wrong. It trains itself using Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) to provide you with the most accurate results.

You can integrate the Chat GPT bot with Telegram and communicate with it as a friend. The possibilities are endless when you use it to its full potential. For example, you may ask: “write a 500 words essay on Issac Newton,” and within seconds, you have your assignment ready. For instance, you can describe an image: “A robot standing in front of a building.” The bot will send you an image that matches your query. Now, hold on for a moment, don’t get any wrong ideas; the bot is designed to reject inappropriate questions—just to let you know!

Limitations Of Chat GPT

Every software has some flaw, and the same applies to Chat GPT. According to OpenAI’s official website, here are the following drawbacks of the current version of Chat GPT:

  1. Sometimes, the results you receive may be well-structured language-wise, but in totality, it makes no sense or sometimes could be wrong. There is no surefire way to fix this issue yet. They may come up with a way to fix the problem in the future, but know this before relying on the chatbot 100%
  2. Chat GPT is currently sensitive to the input question, as the language phrasing could revert to an unknown answer. However, if you try a few variants of your question or paraphrasing, the chatbot might recognize it and submit a correct answer.
  3. The bot is verbose and might sometimes overuse specific phrases because trainers prefer that their answers be illustrative and comprehensive.
  4. When you ask an ambiguous question, the bot should ask follow-up questions to clarify the query before providing an answer. However, currently, it tries to predict the question and gives the best possible answer, which could be wrong.
  5. As mentioned before, the bot should be completely discarding inappropriate queries; however, currently, it sometimes responds to them, exhibiting biased behavior.

Will Chat GPT Replace Google?

GPT: Will Open AI be able to replace Google Chrome and Apple Safari by 2024?

Google is currently the biggest search engine in the world. It relies on speed and relativity, bringing you accurate results within seconds. However, Google is a business that makes money by showcasing ads on every query result. They have been in the market for decades, securing their place as a trillion-dollar company besides Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Saudi Aramco, and Microsft.

Chat GPT isn’t an exclusive technology that ruthlessly defeats Google. If Google wants, they can easily create their own version of Chat GPT, maybe even better. However, the main downside to creating conversational search results is that they won’t be able to showcase ads, losing a considerable portion of revenue. The question isn’t whether Google can build something better; the bigger question is: will they create it?

If they do, Google can sustain its position but may be outside the top companies. Conversely, if they stick with their current model, people might slowly transition towards Chat GPT, and eventually, for sustenance, Google might create something similar—only time will tell.

In any case, Chat GPT is a fun bot to play with; you can access and check out Chat GPT from its official website:

We are curious, what will be your first question to Chat GPT? Let us know in the comments below!

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