Heart Rate Monitoring Using Mobile: Xiaomi Health App

Heart Rate Monitoring Using Mobile: Xiaomi Health App || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : September 10, 2020

Heart Rate Monitoring Using Mobile: Xiaomi Health App

People have increased their focus on help, what with the outbreak of the pandemic and people turning health conscience.

Most of these people like to keep track of their progress and note of their health conditions. And this is why health apps on mobiles are on-trend. Xiaomi has always stayed ahead of the trends by launching a dedicated health app last year and awesome updates for it this time.

What Does The MiUi Health App Entail?

At the time of the launch of the health app, Mi Health, the application had a fundamental skeletal structure. The application had features like step tracking, sleep monitoring, and menstruation cycle tracking. It also added more features to its repertoire that made the app more useful and likeable like step counter, sleep tracking and sedentary reminder. But it has clean bowled all the previous updates and features with this new update.

What Is The New Update?

The new update that is turning everyone’s heads is heart rate monitoring. Not just calculating an estimated heart rate from other data but measuring our heart rate using the camera and flash sensors of the mobile phone.

Isn’t it a stunning and useful feature, especially during the times of pandemic where it is essential to keep track of things like this.

How to use this feature?

First of all, update your Mi Health application to version number 2.7.4. You will, on opening the updated version of the Mi Health app find a special Heart Rate monitoring section inside the application. Then tap on the red button the bottom right corner of the screen.

Immediately you will find a message prompting you to block your camera and flash using a finger completely. Follow these instructions. The application starts measuring your heart rate and shows the progress in a red bar indicator. Continue holding the pose of your finger over the camera till the detection bar does not offer 100% completion.

Once the measurement is done, the application requests you mention the state of the user while giving you 3 options. The 3 options, i.e. general state, resting state, or whether they have finished an exercise helps the application guess your heart condition accordingly.

Now the last step is to click the “View Report” button on the screen. This leads the application to display a report on the screen with your current heart rate as well as an info-graphic indicating your heart rate is optimal, slow or fast. The update also has a dashboard where it accumulates and displays data over a period of time so that you can keep track of your health.

This comes as a handy feature where continuous heart monitoring has become a necessity. Because even a seemingly harmless virus such as Sars-Cov-2 is leading to death due to co-morbidities majority of which are related to the heart. So the new heart-monitoring feature of the update of the Mi Health app comes as a very welcoming feature.

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