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  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : July 24, 2020

How Online Dating is Impacting the Lives of the Present Generation

Online dating is a vibrant industry today. Not so long ago, online dating was considered taboo and intellectually repugnant. Today, the industry boasts of well-known dating sites such as Desperate BBW’s, Erotic Madness, Perfect Match, etc. This substantiates that societal acceptance of online dating apps is great and the digital match-making apps have revamped the traditional ways of finding romantic partners. Let’s now explore, how online dating is impacting the lives of the present generation?

Sex and Companionship

There’s no denying that norms around sex have changed drastically. A decade ago, physical intimacy was confined to married couples. Today, unmarried couples co-habiting or living in a committed relationship engage in physical intimacy. The present generation is exploring sexual compatibility and research says that marital breakup is the least among sexually compatible couples.

Enhanced cohabitation and companionship among the youth is a consequence of onlinedating.

Interracial Marriage

Here’s a profound revelation- The increase in interracial marriages in the US is due to online dating. Till 1967, interracial marriages were banned in the US.

In countries like India, online dating apps are fueling the growth in inter-caste marriages. And it’s noteworthy that the strength of marriage among interracial couples is inviolable.

Delayed Marriages and Gender Gaps

It’s fair to accept the shifting reality – The present generation is well aware of the fact that marriage is not for everyone. Parenthood can be troublesome. Careers of young women can go south due to unplanned pregnancies and parenthood. This train of thought has created the trend of delayed marriages.

Another knock-on effect is the age gap. Let’s all recall that the age difference between the married partners was not more than 5-6 years in the early 2000s. Today, even the age gap of 15 years or more doesn’t make much difference to committed couples.


Homosexuality is not a crime, at least not in the US. It’s not a crime in developing countries like India. Thanks to match-making apps, homosexuals can meet potential partners are live life to the fullest. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, etc., are surely a part of our modern societies.

Online dating has been a trend across the world. Billion people are taking benefits of online dating. Moreover, through online dating, you can meet anyone across the world. Desperate BBW’s is one such online dating platform that also enables you to meet some extraordinary BBW’s. Unfortunately, this is only available in certain parts of the world like Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa.

Online dating can impact our lives both positively and negatively. However, it’s the attitude that matters the most. Let’s all pledge to use digital match-making apps for our betterment. Cheers!!! Tips and tricks.

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