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  • Author : Victor
  • Published : July 31, 2020

Immunity Boosters That Have Been Neglected Till COVID 19

The pandemic has brought to the forefront blatantly ignored things regarding lifestyle and relationships. But on things that matter, it is better to be late than never. For today’s quick-paced generation, it has become a habit of sorts to replace instead of repair. And unless and until the problem reached to one’s own body, have they begun to explore other alternatives.

Primary research is a necessary foundation for a successful project. In this quest to defeat the coronavirus, a successful offensive strategy is yet to be discovered or invented. Until then-defence is the best offence, humanity currently has.

How Does Coronavirus Affect Our Body?

Like any virus, coronavirus too is parasitic and modifies the cells of the body that it hosts in to do it’s bidding. Those that are strong enough to resist emerge happy and healthy, those that are weak in immunity succumb to this virus.

Rather than deeming the coronavirus as deadly, smart would be appropriate. Effecting the respiratory system in people whose immune system could not fight the virus, it has brought them to their early demise. And this is why the emphasis is being laid on the natural defense mechanism of the human body at least until a vaccine is synthesized.

Fever, dry cough and tiredness are the most common symptoms of the coronavirus i.e., COVID19. It is an intelligent choice to boost one’s immunity irrespective of the organism that would affect our body. The first strike in a battle establishes the control on the battlefield. Let us be the first to strike the virus by building an impenetrable wall.

How To Improve Immunity At Home?

  • Food and Diet are the Little Things with a Big Impact

Tasty and healthy food has been regarded as an oxymoron till date. And like many things during the course of covid19, this thought process has also been proven wrong.

Vegetables like leafy vegetables, carrot, tomatoes and broccoli, fruits consisting of vitamin A, C, D and E like mangoes, strawberries, and oranges help boost human body immunity. And with as much time as it is at hand, these so-called boring dishes have taken a tasty twist.

  • Organized Sleep Pattern

Insufficient rest has been a serious concern even before covid19 and the cause of every major health issue. The effect of this irregular and inadequate sleep is magnified with the coronavirus at large.

  • Avoid Smoking and Drinking.

Smoking and drinking do give momentary relief but at the cost of health. The death rate for Covid19 is exponentially more in people who have compromised immune systems due to these unhealthy addictions to drinking and smoking. And with the virus primarily affecting the respiratory cells, smoking has garnered exclusive attention as a bad habit.

  • Exercise, Yoga and Meditation.

One cannot achieve perfect fitness by considering only physical health. Mental health is the driving force behind a healthy body. Live an organized life with a routine of daily exercises, yoga and meditation even though it may seem boring. A healthy mind results in a strong body but not without the sharpening of physical skills also.

With all this information, it must already be imperative to act before the storm hits the shore. One might have been disappointed with these long term measures to combat covid19, but there is no short cut to success. Though instant is appreciated, these are a step ahead with following the logic that “Prevention is better than cure”.

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