Insure Yourself and Your Loved Ones Even Without Medical Exam

Insure Yourself and Your Loved Ones Even Without Medical Exam || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 07, 2020

Insure Yourself and Your Loved Ones Even Without Medical Exam

These pandemic times has shown the need for insurance and the power of unpredictability to today’s world. With the entire world on the brinks of life and death, insurances give the people a chance at life. To suit the digital world today, all the information as well as applying for the insurance have become entirely online. This mode certainly suits today’s generation and encourages this positive change.

What is National Family Assurance?

National Family Assurance is one such policy providers that are one of the pioneers of this digital revolution in the insurance industry. Get to know about this company in detail and learn about the kind of policies it offers in this article.

About National Family Assurance:

This company is a start-up in the insurance industry and connects the insurance carries with the people across the United States. All the critical and also useful insurance policies, their quotes and other details like premium amount are provided through the company’s website.

High rated carries like New York Life, AIG Direct, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, and Nationwide are associated with this company. Apart from giving important insurance information, the company also offers insurance quotes, tools, links, and recommendations. It helps clients to choose an excellent suitable policy for themselves and their family.

Insure Yourself and Your Loved Ones Even Without Medical Exam

What Does National Family Assurance Have In Stock?

Highly suited for the technologically equipped youth of today, this company gives them an option of hassle-free insurance services. Hours of time spent in market research comes down to a few minutes of online application for a quote, where the labor of research falls on the shoulders of the company.

Based on the insurance policy providers, the terms and conditions of the policies vary. But the standard features assured by the company are as follows;

  • Competitive rates for all ages and situations. The company guarantees approval of policies up to the age of 85 years.
  • No medical examination required before policy application.
  • Insurance coverage up to $1 million.

The company also has agents that direct and provide information on phone about various policies. They work with a relentless strive to ensure that the client has all the necessary information that guarantees the safety of the client and their families through insurance.

How to Go About with the Insurance Application?

The company gives the potential customer a quote and also refers to the insurance carries associated with them. All you need to do is fill in information about yourself and consenting the company to use this information for the purpose intended. All the information given or acquired as necessary is secure with encryption software and shared only with the explicit consent of the authorized party.


Insure Yourself and Your Loved Ones Even Without Medical Exam

The application form consists of questions asking for necessary information like:

If you already have life insurance or not, Gender, If you used tobacco in the past 12 months, Date of birth, Height, Weight, If you are currently taking any treatment or prescribed medication, Name, phone number and email.

With the above information, the algorithm of the website conducts the research in minutes. It proposes the most suitable policy for the potential customer. In case one desires to learn more about policies, the client will be contacted by an agent. He provides them with the necessary knowledge.

Thus National Family Assurance has made the process quite simpler and faster apt for the fast-paced lifestyle of today. Make no compromises regarding help. Insure yourself and your family also with the best of the existing policies assisted by The National Family Assurance.

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