Kids Can Equally Contribute to the spread of Coronavirus, Reveals the NCCMT Review

Kids Can Equally Contribute to the spread of Coronavirus, Reveals the NCCMT Review || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 11, 2020

Kids Can Equally Contribute to the spread of Coronavirus, Reveals the NCCMT Review

The recent review conducted by the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools (NCCMT) revealed that young children could equally contribute to the spread of coronavirus.

The review proved the earlier survey conducted by the MacMaster University, Hamilton, wrong.

According to the university survey, young children were less likely to spread coronavirus.

With children, “we don’t see these superspreader events that we see in other congregate settings [involving] adults,” said Sarah Neil-Sztramko, a researcher at McMaster University, Hamilton.

“Even in cases where the symptomatic child has gone into a setting and has had close contact with several children… they don’t seem to transmit it to the other kids. We see that fairly consistently across the reports that we found.”

NCCMT Organisation Report:

However, the NCCMT organisation, one of the six academic collaborating centres set up in response to the 2003 SARS outbreak and funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, came to a different conclusion.

As per the study, children of 10 years or below are equally potent to contribute to the spread of the deadly coronavirus. The review proves to be an eye-opener for many who want to overcome the pandemic at all costs.

Till now, most of the educational institutions and daycare centres remained open despite the COVID-19 pandemic as children were considered safe.

But the NCCMT review has caused a severe tension among the public and schools. As it states that children below the age of 10 years who have been attending schools or daycare have an equal potential to transmit the virus. As a result, not just the adults, but children also must be taken into a proper health care system.

Other Significant Findings:

There were other significant findings of the Review. It shows that the mental health of the children is degrading to a rapid extent. Since the adults in families are under immense pressure and stress, children are finding themselves alone. So, the epidemic has not just brought about a surge of physical disorder in the world, but it has also affected the mental health of many kids.

Kids can get severely sick because of the virus as their immunity is not very strong. Hence, they can even cause a severe spread of the virus in the community, according to the Review.

With the conduction of numerous surveys, the number of questions popping up is also on a constant increase. The virus is the same, but the effects of the virus are different in different people.

Now the new Review, implies that the schools will be required to be extra careful in taking precautions. Regular testing of students, maintaining physical distancing, or even shutting down of schools can take place if need be.

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