Mental Health: An Unintended Victim of Covid19

Mental Health: An Unintended Victim of Covid19 || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 02, 2020

Mental Health: An Unintended Victim of Covid19

The global pandemic has been dropped onto this world like a bombshell. And the whole of humanity has united to take on this fight with an invisible enemy. Mental Health: An Unintended Victim of Covid19. Already plagued with grave health concerns of the coronavirus, it impact on the human psyche is an additional burden to the already battle-worn warriors of this pandemic.

Importance of Mental Health:

A healthy body can only be the result of a healthy mind. Mental health not only comprises not only psychological but also the emotional and social aspects. As shown in movies and written in poems and stories of the head and heart waging war with each other. This only proves to say that as many decisions are made by logic, emotion plays a vital role, and both are a product of the human mind.

And this is why it is essential to maintain a healthy psyche. In medical dialogue, mental health impacts the body metabolism and in turn the immunity. And in present times, it is very important to increase immunity with the only available way of combating the deadly covid19.

Effect of Covid19 on Mental Health

Job loss, isolation and lockdowns have drowned the people in misery. It had anything but a strong impact on the mental health of the people. As much as the relations have undergone an upward curve, but the superficiality of them have come to the foreground.

On top of the financial crisis, anxiety and stress developed from hearing or seeing a loved one succumbing to covid19 or the fear of such an implication becoming a reality had its effect. This fact is attested by studies showing 57% women, 54% of people who lost their jobs, and 44% of men reportedly have been suffering from depression in the pandemic time.

How To Combat Negative Impacts On Mental Health During The Pandemic?

Keep and stick to a routine

In these times of uncertainty, a bit of organization and routine can give immense relief. This would reduce at least a fraction of the newly generated stress and anxiety as a result of covid19, and it’s combating measures.

Social contact is necessary

Man being a social animal, it is kind of ironic that he has to live in isolation in these times. But keep your friends and family close with the help of technology if not touch. This can be a reason that soothes the emotional and social restrictions that have been imposed even if rightfully.

Engage in an activity

Always keep your mind busy to distract it from this negativity. Video games, social media or a trip down the memory lane are but a few starting points to indulge yourself in with this unexpected time at hand.

Keep yourself informed but not obsessed

It is wise to know the foe you are currently fighting, but do not lose yourself in it. Any kind of obsessive behaviour can overturn a healthy man yesterday into a man at the brink of a mental breakdown today. Know your limits and enjoy the positivity in life.

These are actions that are within our grasps. But even with all these precautions, do not shy away or feel insulted to consult a psychologist if the need arises. Choose what battles to fight and when to ask for help. It takes a lot more courage to face and live than escape and die. Ultimately you need to be the survivor of this pandemic both in physical and mental health. You are not alone in spirit.

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  1. Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Adult Mental Health

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