New Warning Issues For Apple Users: Keep Your iPhone 6 Inches Away from Your Pacemaker

New Warning Issues For Apple Users: Keep Your iPhone 6 Inches Away from Your Pacemaker || NeoDrafts

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  • Published : February 03, 2021

New Warning Issues For Apple Users: Keep Your iPhone 6 Inches Away from Your Pacemaker

Apple has cautioned all iPhone users to keep their phones at least 6 inches away from medical devices including pacemakers. This is a part of the recent update on safety precautions that the multinational technology giants have issued. Do you or does anyone in your family use implanted medical devices? If yes, then you need to take precautions and make sure that your iPhones are as far away from the patient as possible.  According to the update, it is not just pacemakers that can be affected by iPhones nearby but also other medical machines like defibrillators. This notice was displayed on Apple’s support page on January 23rd. 

Why Do You Need To Keep Your iPhones 6 Inches Away? 

People have been using iPhones for quite some time now, and with newer models coming to the market, almost everybody has one.  This is why many customers are not sure about why the company has given this notice. To understand the importance of this notice, check out the points given below. 

  • The recent iPhone 12 models (all four of them) have magnets inside. While the previous iPhone models did have magnets, the number has increased for these new phones. 
  • As a consequence of having magnets inside, electromagnetic fields are going to occur around the iPhones. 
  • Now, implanted medical devices also have magnets, and the resulting electromagnetic fields can interfere with those of the iPhones. 
  • Due to such interference, your iPhone or a medical device like a pacemaker can start malfunctioning. This is highly dangerous and should be prevented at all costs. 
  • Pacemakers will have sensors that might react to electromagnetic radiation when an iPhone is less than 6 inches away. 

Now, it might take some time for the pacemaker or the iPhone to malfunction. But you should keep in mind that while you can repair or even replace an iPhone, the same cannot be done for a pacemaker. Any problem with the pacemaker will have a direct impact on the patient. Therefore, keeping your phone at least 6 inches away from a patient with a pacemaker is necessary. Apple has also said that the iPhone should be supported 15 inches away from a pacemaker or similar medical devices during wireless charging. 

The same cautionary advice has been given for the use of any MagSafe accessories. Apple brought back MagSafe last year, which is specially built into Iphone 12 models. . But you should make sure that all MagSafe accessories like charging docks are kept away from pacemakers for maximum safety. 

While the magnets allow the iPhone 12 to work with the MagSafe accessories, they are also the ones that interfere with pacemakers and defibrillators. This was also reported in Heart Rhythm Journal earlier this month. After issuing the notice, Apple also asked customers to consult their doctors about whether it is safe to use iPhone 12 with their medical devices. Now, customers have been asking why it took Apple this long to notify about safety measures. Apple is yet to comment on that, but it is still important to heed the warnings and take precautions. 

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