Protect your House with a Home Coverage Plan

Protect your House with a Home Coverage Plan || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 25, 2020

Protect your House with a Home Coverage Plan

Home Coverage Plan

Owning your dream house comes with saving up for unpredictable damage repairs, renovations, and even home appliances replacements. Hence, the right thing to do is to protect your house with a home coverage plan

This is an affordable step that can help you save thousands of bucks every year. Be it damage from a storm or loss of furniture due to fire; under a home warranty, you need not spend much on the financial risk of recovering what is lost. 

With Choice Home Warranty, you can avail of the best coverage offers as an owner, as well as a Real Estate dealer. These comprehensive packages from Choice are for everyone, be it a first-time homeowner, an existing inhabitant, or a seller. Even if you have old appliances, they are easily coverable for condos, mobile, or even manufactured homes.

Important Home Warranty Facts and Benefits

The financial benefits of home coverage are many. When you look into the technical know-how, you might realize that securing the house’s impeccable status can help double its value in years to come. For example:

For a Seller: 

  • The sale price for warrantied homes is higher than the un-insured houses. 
  • The life-span of regular home appliances goes for about 13 years. Hence a complete all-products warranty can help in retaining the expectancy. 
  • A house with a home warranty can fast track to demands in the market as a value-added service to the client. 
  • Helps to negotiate the deal to stay at a profitable price as the warranty is about the present and future security.

For a Homeowner: 

  • Lesser worry on home appliances and electrical systems breaking down due to all-in-one insurance scheme.
  • Choice Home Warranty coverages come with customized plan options where you can choose the items you need to cover. There is no mandate on paying for every appliances’ coverage. 
  • Malfunctions and repairs come under the coverage, helping save thousands during any accidents or mishaps. 

Choice’s Home Maintenance Tips

The Choice Home Warranty website not only helps to secure your dream house’s overall life-span but also provide proper guidelines to maintain safety for all-year-round adversities. Heading to the website, you shall find tips for cleaning, repairing, insulating, and modifying your home to its impeccable state. 

That is not all; the home warranties cover every minor wear and tear that can devalue the property in the long run. Hence, you can achieve complete experience in securing your house by yourself, and through a comprehensive home coverage plan

Get a Home Coverage Plan With Choice Home Warranty

At Choice Home Warranty’s coverage plans comes with a free quote. Yes, you read that right.

Here you can enter your required details and get yourself an affordable package, customized just for you. 

This is how you do it: 

  • Click on the link and visit the website. 
  • Add-in your first and last name. 
  • Insert your email address and contact number.
  • You can also add your office number for additional contact information. 
  • Under the property information, put in your complete address. 
  • Add in names of your city and state, along with your zip-code. 
  • Select your property type from a variety of options. 
  • Choose if your property’s square footage is less or more than 5000 sq. Feet. 
  • Click to tick on the “I am Buying or Selling a House” option.
  • If any promotional code is available, add it right into the promo code section. 
  • Click on “Get a Quote

Insuring your dream home, as an owner or a seller, requires taking right financial choices. And a helping hand from Choice Home Warranty can aid you to secure the right home coverage plan.

For more information, kindly visit our official website –

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