PUBG Mobile Ban! PUBG Mobile Will No Longer Be Controlled By Tencent Games! A Threat to National Security and Defense of India!

PUBG Mobile Ban! PUBG Mobile Will No Longer Be Controlled By Tencent Games! || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : September 10, 2020

PUBG Mobile Ban! PUBG Mobile Will No Longer Be Controlled By Tencent Games!

A Threat to National Security and Defense of India!

PUBG Mobile Ban! Chinese apps have a huge domestic market in India. In retaliation to the border standoff between India and China, which led to the death of 20 Indian army personnel on June 15, a ban was imposed on Chinese apps.

From various sources, The Ministry of Information technology of India has received many complaints regarding the usage of some of the Chinese mobile apps on stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users’ data in an unauthorized manner to servers which are located outside of India.

This manner impinges threat to national security and defense of India as it is considered as a deep concern which requires immediate action. This led to taking the necessary decision to disallow the usage of certain apps in India.

Ban on Chinese Apps!

Emphasizing the emergent nature of threats from various mobile applications, The Information and Technology Ministry of India had banned several Chinese apps claiming that they were engaged in activities which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity, defense, security and public order.

Among many apps banned by the Indian government under the Information Technology Act, most of the apps have a larger user-base in India. This move is taken to ensure the safety and security of Indian cyberspace.

PUBG Mobile ban!

PUBG has the largest market in India, with more than 175 million downloads. In June 2020, India band 59 Chinese apps, including Tik-Tok.

Earlier this week, the Indian government had banned PUBG MOBILE and 117 other Chinese apps claiming that the apps were prejudicial to the sovereignty, integrity, defense of India and public order. PUBG was soon removed from Google play store and Apple App store after the ban was announced.

For its franchise in India, on Tuesday, PUBG Corporation announced that it no longer is controlled by Tencent Games which means that it has broken all connections with China to make a new comeback in India.

Some Of The Developments That Have Taken Place So Far!

PUBG Corporation is a South Korean company and not a Chinese company as everyone assumes it is. Tencent Games developed the mobile version of the game. Because Tencent Games is a Chinese company, PUBG MOBILE was banned in India. However, the PC version or console version of the app is not yet prohibited and still can be used.

Even after the ban was announced, it has not been blocked by Internet service providers. As only the mobile version is banned, users can still download PUBG game on their PCs or gaming consoles. Users who have already installed the app can still play the game.

PUBG Corporation announced in a statement that Tencent Games would no longer control PUBG MOBILE. The South Korean company will control all the publishing responsibilities within the country. This company is in talks with the Government of India to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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