Reach Your Fitness Goals with Isometric Exercises

Reach Your Fitness Goals with Isometric Exercises || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 21, 2020

Reach Your Fitness Goals with Isometric Exercises

Exercising is the perfect way to maintain a healthy body. Of course, other factors help you reach your optimum, but eating well and exercising are two sure-fire ways by which you can keep a healthy life.

There are different types of exercises that help you reach your required goals. However, did you know that certain static positions can help you lose weight? Essentially, all you do is work a particular group of muscles without moving them. Sounds hard to believe? It’s true!

Isometric exercises involve the deflation of a muscle or a group of muscles without increasing the length of the flesh or moving the joint. You mainly keep the part of your body you are working on immobile. Although. it sounds easy, but there are a lot of technique, discipline, and practice involved in isometric exercises.

Therefore, the question arises – what are the advantages of isometric exercises?

Benefits of Isometric Exercises

There are some spectacular benefits of isometric exercises which will compel you to start your own regimen:

  1. These exercises help you build and grow your overall strength.
  2. Moreover, it helps to increase the density of your bones.
  3. Additionally, these exercises help lower blood pressure.
  4. Unlike dynamic exercises, people can perform isometric exercises without any tools or instruments.
  5. Those who are recovering from joint injuries (knees or shoulders) can practice isometric exercises as well. 
  6. Moreover, they do not require a specific place to carry out.
  7. These exercises also help to gain control over the different aspects of your body.
  8. Again, these exercises encourage concentration and discipline.
  9. These exercises help sharpen your nervous system. Therefore, you gain the ability to fire out each muscle whenever required.
  10. Also, it help activate your core and strengthen your muscle capability.
  11. Furthermore, a mix of isometrics and a cardio workout will keep your heart rate elevated and help you shed calories.

These are some of the many benefits of isometric workouts. So, are you tempted to follow such a regimen? Here are some types of isometric exercises you can try out.

Types of Isometric Exercises

Here is a brief list of some of the isometric exercises you can try out on your own:

  1. Wall sit.
  2. Hollow-body hold.
  3. Bicep curl.
  4. Static slide lunge.
  5. Plank hold.
  6. Iso hang.
  7. Incline pushup hold.
  8. Iso shoulder internal rotation.
  9. Iso shoulder external rotation.
  10. Single-leg stand.
  11. Lying leg raise.
  12. Quad exercise.
  13. Hamstring exercise.
  14. Hip abduction.
  15. Iso neck exercise.

Isometric Exercises – Reach Your Health Goal

They are incredibly beneficial in strengthening the core and the muscles of the body. Dynamic exercises often forgo many movements that practice various tissues. Therefore, atrophy of specific muscles set in and cause significant physical discomfort. Isometric exercises work on different muscle groups at a time, thereby keeping them fluid.

People can cautiously perform isometric exercises after recovering from surgery or injuries to keep their muscles in working order. Hence, the benefits of isometrics are sure to get you started today!

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