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Skincare Tips for the Monsoon || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 06, 2020

Skincare Tips for the Monsoon

Monsoon always calls for hot fried snacks and weekend gateways. The erratic weather and sudden change in humidity call for a routine update.

Your skin bears the brunt of it all during the monsoon. Skin infections become more common during the rainy season. Your skin problems could range from irritation to rashes and ringworm. All this and more owing to the increased dampness of your skin.

How can you get rid of all these skincare woes? Well, the primary most vital thing to follow is to keep your skin DRY! You need to change your skincare routine during the rainy season. The basic rule of cleanse, tone and moisturize will not work now. Here are 10 of the most crucial skincare tips for the monsoon.

Ten Most Essential Skincare Tips for the Monsoon

  1. Cleanse… Cleanse… and Cleanse…

It is vital that you cleanse your skin and clean your pores at least 3-4 times daily. This will help remove the dirt and excess oil that tends to clog your pores.

  1. Tone it down

Toning your skin helps maintain the right pH balance. This adds a glow to your skin and keeps it fresh.

  1. Moisturize

A nourishing moisturizer will help keep your skin moist and supple. For those with oily skin, a water-based moisturizer works best.

  1. Sunblock

Despite the cloudy weather, the sun’s UV rays can create havoc on your skin. Use a good sunscreen with the appropriate SPF to avoid skin trouble.

  1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps remove the dead skin around your face, hands, and legs. This unclogs the pores and promotes the growth of new skin cells. Your skin will feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

  1. Hydration is key

Drink much water along with plenty of other fluids. Include juices, coconut water, fruit infusions in your daily diet. This will keep your skin hydrated and never let your skin go pale and dull.

  1. Keep it natural

Make your own homemade face packs and skin peels. Use natural ingredients like chickpea flour, curd, turmeric, honey, fruits, etc. to make your own natural packs.

  1. Avoid makeup

The increased humidity and constant rains make you sweat more, and eventually; your skin looks dull. Makeup can add to this dullness and cause unwanted chemicals to penetrate into your skin. The makeup can clog your pores leading to breakouts. Clean your face well before hitting the sack.

  1. Extra care for sensitive areas

The skin around your eyes, nose, lips, etc. is relatively thinner as compared to the rest of your face. Your body requires your attention, but your sensitive areas need the little extra pampering. Make sure your lips aren’t chapped, eyes are protected. Do not ignore these sensitive areas while moving out in the monsoon.

  1. Healthy diet

Eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E. They are all responsible for good skin, hair, and nails. Try to include colourful fruits, vegetables, etc. in your daily meals. Opt for less spicy, home-cooked foods that are full of rich nutrients.

With the above skincare tips for the monsoon, your skin will thank you by remaining healthy. This rainy season, focus on good skincare for that natural glow and healthy-looking skin.

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