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  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : September 02, 2020

Take This Online Survey to Receive a Nintendo Switch Worth $299.

For those who know online surveys and the exclusive rewards they offer, a Nintendo Switch won’t come as much of a surprise. Earning cash rewards through surveys is relatively conventional, but getting a video game console is even better. Thus, digital surveys are on the rise— they reward you exclusive products in exchange for your worthy opinions. Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on the exclusive Nintendo Switch worth $299? In return, all you have to do is complete surveys. 

No wonder, the Internet is abuzz with digital surveys. Thus, more and more people are joining online survey sites. So, keep reading further to learn about this exciting gaming offer.

How does a survey affect us?

Online surveys are tools for market research companies to obtain quantitative data. Moreover, the data is necessary to understand the customer’s needs, behaviors and patterns. So, market research is the umbrella term for paid surveys and facilitates the overall growth of various brands. Surveys thus are the median for brands to connect to their focused set of audience. In order to spread brand awareness, these surveys pay the survey takers in the form of cash prizes or other rewards.

Erewardz, on online survey website, acts hosts to various brands to conduct their surveys and connect them to the consumers. What’s interesting? One such survey on Erewardz can win you a Nintendo Switch along with a prepaid gift card. Keep reading as we tell you how to grab them.

How to take a survey and get the Nintendo Switch on Erewardz?

  • Visit the offer link, it will direct you to the sign-up page.
  • Enter your name, email address, phone number, address, zip code and other necessary details.
  • After that, complete a set of questionnaires. Take the survey required, which will focus on your preferences for various products.
  • After you have completed the survey, meet the purchase requirements to get the Nintendo Switch and prepaid gift card.

Upon the completion of purchase requirements, you can claim your rewards. And your reward will be delivered to you within the next 4-5 business days at your doorsteps.

Augustus won the Nintendo Switch worth $299 at Erewardz

Augustus Davis, a high school student from Texas, won the Nintendo Switch along with the prepaid gift card at Erewardz

” I always wanted to have a Nintendo Switch, so I started saving up. Side by side, I looked up for gamers giveaways and sweepstakes that could win me the Nintendo Switch gaming console. My fate had me stumble upon the Erewardz program, that could win me the gaming console for taking a survey. The purchase requirement worried me; it could have been a scam. But I decided to go on with the survey on ErewardzThe participation process was quite simple; I just had to enter my email address and answer a short questionnaire. The very next moment, I got a notification to provide the shipping address and claim the reward. All in all, I love taking surveys and winning rewards on Erewardz“.

So, you too can lay your hands on a brand new Nintendo Switch video game console just like Augustus did. All you need to do is provide your details and take a short survey. has a network of websites that brings exclusive reward programs. So hurry up, visit, take an online survey and win the Nintendo Switch today.

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