Top 5 Countries to Successfully Tackle the COVID 19

Top 5 Countries to Successfully Tackle the COVID 19 || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 03, 2020

Top 5 Countries to Successfully Tackle the COVID 19

There are many worst-hit countries by the Coronavirus pandemic. Ever since its outbreak in late December 2019, it rapidly spread and affected the health of people across the globe, and is responsible for many casualties. Top 5 Countries to Successfully Tackle the COVID 19.

Pandemic has shut economies of various nations. It also brought the vulnerability of health systems into light around the world. Some countries are winning at controlling it, some are not.

By easing the lockdown, recently, in many countries, the next stage of the global pandemic spreads the wave. It is now the time to understand which countries handled the initial outbreak response better than others.


Taiwan has only 462 COVID positive cases to date with only 7 deaths. Instead of shutting its economy for weeks in an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus, Taiwan had chosen a different path.

It closed its borders and banned its exports. The government used contact tracing and mobile-SIM tracking to identify those in quarantine to abide by the rules. Businesses were kept running by taking precautionary measures.


Singapore outperformed others in managing the outbreak of the pandemic. It implemented scanning systems at supermarkets and widespread testing mechanisms. The total confirmed cases are 50,838 with 27 casualties.

The government arranged temporary bed spaces to provide medical care to COVID-19 patients, keeping the fatality rate really low. It successfully managed to keep the outbreak from expanding further.

South Korea:

The overall confirmed cases are 14,175, with only 299 deaths recorded so far. South Korea began developing COVID-19 tests and has done thousands per day while it still has less than a hundred cases. It has followed continuous testing and contact tracing, isolation and treatment of confirmed cases very well from early stages of the outbreak. In conclusion, South Korea remains a model to most of the countries in containing the spread of the pandemic.

New Zealand:

Being an island was very helpful to New Zealand. The first COVID positive case in New Zealand was on 28th February 2020. It has made plans rapidly to shut down the country. The country shut its borders to outside travellers and nonessential businesses.

New Zealand further went on implementing level 4 lockdown, which means that people could only interact with people within their home. The people are in a complete state of isolation. New Zealand had registered 1556 cases in total with just 22 deaths. It also released a budget plan for its country in mid-may which has been set up to keep jobs and reduce unemployment for the next 2 years. It had also reported zero cases in June.


The total confirmed cases reported are 20,558, and the death toll rises to 713. Australia has taken the lead to call for an investigation to find the origin of the virus. Its economic stimulus of more than 10% of the GDP was planned towards doubling the unemployment benefits, free childcare, etc. It took the lead from science and healthcare, making it the country best at handling COVID-19.

North Korea:

North Korea has not reported any cases until a news agency recently claimed that a person is suspected of having been infected with the virus, who illegally cross the demarcation line.

Apart from these countries, many other countries like Canada, Iceland, UAE, Greece, Argentina, etc, have managed well in containing the spread of the virus. Let’s hope for the invention of its vaccine, and maintain social distancing and precautionary measures till then.

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