Top 5 Worst-Hit Countries By COVID-19

Top 5 Worst-Hit Countries By COVID-19 || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Victor
  • Published : August 03, 2020

Top 5 Worst-Hit Countries By COVID-19

The world is struggling with novel Coronavirus pandemic. The virus emerged in Central Chinese city of Wuhan last December. The virus has spread rapidly to many regions. As of July 27th, the total Coronavirus cases, globally, has crossed 16 million. The death toll rose to more than 656,000 so far. More than 10 million people have recovered from the disease to date.

The United States is the worst affected country, followed by Brazil and India in terms of the caseload. Many countries across the globe are grappling with second waves of Coronavirus pandemic after easing social distancing lockdowns. Over the past few weeks, almost 40 countries reported a record single-day increase in caseloads.

Number 1: The United States:

The United States tops the list of badly affected countries with COVID-19 cases recently. The United States overtook China in terms of confirmed Coronavirus cases making it the world’s most affected country currently. Community spread and delayed testing has been major concerns which eventually resulted in the increase of deaths in the beginning. Confirmed Coronavirus cases in the US have been increased significantly. The United States surpassed 4.4 million confirmed Coronavirus cases. The pandemic has claimed at least 150,444 lives till now. The number of recovered cases increased to more than 2 million.

Number 2: Brazil:

The next in the list is Brazil. Brazil has more than 2.44 million confirmed cases with 55,000 additions in just 24 hours. According to health authorities, the country has reported more than 87,000 fatalities due to coronavirus till date. Brazil has the highest positivity rate of 36.68 %. The number of recovered cases rose to more than 1.6 million.

Number 3: India:

India has become the 3rd worst affected country. In only 3 days, it has recorded more than 1 lac positive cases of novel coronavirus pushing the tally to 1.4 million cases with a death toll of more than 33 thousand across the country due to the pandemic. The number of recovered cases is more than 953,000 to date.

Number 4: Russia:

In the early days of May 2020, Russia has registered 10 times fewer deaths than Britain, France, Italy and Spain since the pandemic came later to Russia.

Now, the country with the 4th highest number of cases reported in Russia. It reported more than 818,000 cases of this infection so far and the death toll is more than 13 thousand. The number of recovered cases is more than 603,000. Russia plans its experimental Coronavirus vaccine next month.

Number 5: South Africa:

It reported 452,529 novel coronavirus cases as of July 27, 2020, with the total death toll at 7,067. More than 274,000 are recovered so far.

The study on COVID-19 vaccine has got underway with the first 30,000 volunteers who came forward to take test shots of coronavirus in the United States. Several other actions made by China and by Britain earlier this month are in the final stage of tests. By August, the final study of the shot containing the virus begins. In this time of health crisis, the vaccination is the only hope against the pandemic.

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