Truth About Depression | 3+ Subtle Coping Methods

Truth About Depression | 3+ Subtle Coping Methods || NeoDrafts

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  • Published : January 05, 2023

Truth About Depression | 3+ Subtle Coping Methods

Depression is a widely acknowledged phenomenon. The modern world is constantly pushing the ideology of staying depressed. Hence, many people of varied ages seem to be affected by it. However, a distinct group of individuals is manipulating the purity of a depressed emotion to portray their lack of accomplishments. Depression is an emotion; it is something you feel due to an unfortunate circumstance in life. It is not an excuse to be used every time somebody questions you about your advancement in life.

In this post, you will learn the absolute truth about depression, whether it’s real and how to overcome it.

What is Depression?

Google describes depression as “A group of conditions associated with the elevation or lowering of a person’s mood.” (1) People believe it is something obnoxiously severe and incurable, but it is not. When you assimilate the definition, you will realize that depression is merely a fluctuation in your mood.

Depression occurs for numerous reasons; some of the major ones are as follows:

  1. Death of a loved one
  2. Breaking a long-sustained relationship
  3. Not achieving one’s dreams/goals
  4. Going bankrupt or losing a primary income source
  5. Loneliness
  6. Being betrayed by a trusted friend
  7. Feeling vulnerable
  8. Feeling lost or hopelessness
  9. Facing a traumatic situation like abuse or conflict
  10. Feeling regret

These are some of the common causes of depression. According to the National Network of Depression Center, “Depression is the leading cause of disability in the USA among people of ages 15-44.” (2,3) The stats are terrifying, as it depicts the lowest age group of depression is 15 years old. Imagine being depressed for the best years of your life when you have no responsibility or accountability. Hence, it is crucial to address the widespread of this so-called disease.

Depression is real; there is no doubt about it. However, the idea of sustained pain and regret is bothersome. Nobody has to live months, let alone years, regretting a single incident. It hurts and makes you feel worst, but do you really want to spend precious years of your life thinking about an incident that will not change, no matter how much you wish otherwise? It’s okay to be sad for a few days, but for months and years? Unacceptable!

Depression Makes People Rich | Rise of an Industry

Truth About Depression | 3+ Subtle Coping Methods

Depression is now an acknowledged clinical disease. People are told they are sad and cannot do anything about it; however, they can use certain products like pills to get rid of their pain. Do you know what happens when you persistently self-hypnotize yourself with negative thoughts such as I am not good enough, I lost someone, I cannot be treated fairly, my best friend betrayed me, my soulmate abandoned me, I am alone, I am hopeless, etc. These thoughts, when revised multiple times, become an unwieldy reality. You suffer the instance and, to make an excuse, use your negative thoughts to make yourself feel terrible.

Who benefits from it? The pharmaceutical industry. They have made billions of dollars on the back of your weakness. Companies have introduced pills and convinced you that you must take these daily to protect yourself from your own thought process. If that doesn’t shake you to your core, nothing will. Do you know what happens when you pop pills to overcome depression? It numbs your mental circuitry that carries the emotions of depression to your mind and body.

Therefore, you are not getting rid of anything; you are temporarily stopping your mind from being emotional, and to continuously be in that state, you need to take pills regularly. If not, you will revert back to your old depressed self. That’s not all; drugs have numerous side effects on your body; they make you addicted to them and mess with your internal system. So are you going to take pills for the rest of your life or try to battle depression organically?

How To Overcome Depression | The Coping Mechanism

Truth About Depression | 3+ Subtle Coping Methods

As we discussed earlier, depression is something you feel due to a specific incident in your life. It is your mind who initiates the emotion. So if you are in charge of starting something, why can’t you be in charge of stopping it on your own? Don’t think you are trying to overcome a massive disease; it is merely a thought process you need to change to feel better.

It is easier said than done, especially when the advisor isn’t feeling the same way as the victim. However, the life you’re bestowed upon is precious, and throwing it away for a few incidents is like being ruthlessly ungrateful.

Did you know your chance of winning a lottery is 1 in 300 million? That’s massive odds; hence, only a fraction of lucky individuals win. However, there’s a new statistic, the fact that you are born on this earth is an even more remarkable phenomenon than winning a lottery because your odds of existence are 1 in 400 Trillion—not million, not billion, but trillion. Let that sink in!

Your existence itself is a miracle. Why would you degrade yourself and waste your life over one incident? It doesn’t make any sense! It would be best if you instead tried to overcome and move on. How? Well, here are a series of steps to take:

Step 1: Admit that whatever happened in your life was a tragedy. It was a bad phase, and now it’s gone. No matter what you do, it is not coming back. This step alone will make you feel so good as if a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Most people spend months and still don’t complete this step. Accept it, and everything else from here onwards will be easier. Use the negative emotions swirling within you and turn them into positive energy by following the upcoming steps.

Step 2: Get in better shape than you are currently. It is said that those in better condition physically have a positive thought process than those who are unhealthy. There is some scientific evidence that says fitness may come before success. So when you are feeling down, hit the gym, and you will start feeling much better. It will be a new environment; you will meet people and make friends. If you are a guy, get 6-pack abs or train to fight and if you are a female, slim down and focus on yourself. Your aim is to become the best version of yourself. Let’s go!

Step 3: Get your finances right. If you are currently making X amount of money, work harder and try to make more. Add another income source, start a business, do a new side hustle and manage a team. When you make more money, you can fulfill your monetary desires and help others.

Step 4: Make new friends. It is possible that your current friends don’t match your standards, so you should meet people with a similar mindset. Change your circle, and you will change your circumstances.

Step 5: Travel to different places. Your finances will allow you to leave your current hometown and travel to distant lands. The world is beautiful; you will become a completely different person if you take a trip to explore new things and meet new people.


These are 5 subtle ways to overcome depression completely. What happened to you was terrible; yes, you lost someone exceptional and irreplaceable, you didn’t achieve anything significant, you lost all the money you had in the bank, your friend betrayed you, you are now alone, you regret the particular incident, and you feel hopeless.

These are valid reasons to feel miserable, but do you deny the fact that if you accept whatever happened to you, get in better shape, make more money, make new friends, and travel the world, you will immediately get out of your so-called depression? I don’t think so!

If you are going through a similar incident, strengthen your mind and follow these five modest steps. You will find yourself overcoming depression without any pills. You don’t have to be depressed to start becoming better. Maybe this will help you never get depressed in your life at all. It is worth the try, don’t you think?

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