What are Different USAA Auto Insurance Plans?

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  • Published : February 25, 2021

What are Different USAA Auto Insurance Plans?

Life is exposed to risks, and so do your car, but thankfully we have different USAA auto insurance covering various kinds of damages. Why should you have auto insurance? Looking after lawsuits and draining your savings on legal fees, after an accident, is distressing. 

But with USAA auto insurance, the insurer takes partial liability for damages minimizing the burden on your back. For most drivers, auto/car insurance is mandatory. It offers numerous advantages, such as financial obligations, legal consequences, medical expenses. 

An investment in car insurance before an accident can save your post-accident costs. You may be more exposed to financial crises without car insurance as after a mishap various unforeseen expenses occur. It covers not only vehicle damage but also physical damages and injuries.

There are five different plans under the USAA auto insurance program, each covering specific circumstances. Before we highlight what they are and what they offer, let’s look at how much car insurance you should have?  

We have divided the insurance plans into two categories required and optional:

Required Coverage Plans

  • Drivers are required to carry the least amount of liability coverage in most of the states. It depends on your assets if you want additional plans along with liability coverage.   
  • The lender or leasing company may ask you to retain collision and comprehensive coverage on your policy if you’re paying interest on your vehicle.

Optional Coverage Plans

  • Rental reimbursement and roadside assistance are among the most popular plans. It pays for the repairing costs of a rental car after covered damage. 
  • PIP or personal injury protection and extended benefits coverage plans are also useful additions depending on your health insurance covers.

What are Different USAA Auto Insurance Plans?

What are Different USAA Car Insurance and What Those Plans Cover?

Comprehensive Coverage

It covers payment for repair or replacement of the damaged vehicle if the cause of damage is from an incident like hail, flooding or fire, hitting an animal, and glass damage. It is always required while leasing or financing a car. For example, if the damage costs around $3,000, the policy will cover $2,000 upon deductible of $1,000. 

What is covered in this plan:

  • Damage caused due to falling objects.
  • Damage caused due to weather events like hail and hurricanes.
  • Theft and vandalism.
  • Crisis-like flood, fire and explosions.
  • An accident with animals.

What is not covered in this plan:

  • Maintenance in general
  • Theft of things from inside the vehicle
  • Accidents with stationary objects and vehicles
  • Striking a pothole

Collision Coverage

It helps in paying for damages to a vehicle caused by an incident related to driving. Such accidents include collisions with stationary objects and other cars. This coverage is also required to be bought while leasing or financing a vehicle. For example, if your car gets damages costing $1,500, upon payment of $500 deductible, the policy will cover the rest amount.

What is covered in this plan:

  • Collision to static objects like a pole, fence, tree or other objects
  • Striking a pothole
  • Rollovers
  • An accident with other vehicles

What is not covered in this plan:

  • Weather-caused damages like hail or tornadoes.
  • Medical expenses
  • Damages of another party’s vehicle. to another person’s vehicle
  • Events not related to driving. 

Liability Coverage 

When you are held legally liable for another party’s injuries or death due to a car accident, it covers your vehicle. It also helps replace or repair the damaged property of the other party. Liability coverage plans do not have deductibles, but their coverage is limited, and any damage to you or another party will be covered under the program’s limit. 

What is covered in this plan:

  • Medical expenses of the other party injured in the accident. 
  • The lost wages of the other party. 
  • Legal defence if you are sued for the accident. 
  • Vehicle and property repairs of the other party. 

What is not covered in this plan:

  • Your medical expenses and legal costs
  • The missed wages
  • Repair expenses for your car and property

Uninsured and Underinsured coverage 

If another driver hits you in an accident and can’t cover the costs, this plan will cover the damage to your vehicle and injuries. This policy covers injuries to you and your passengers occurring due to an accident caused by another driver with hardly any insurance and property damage. For certain states, if you are in an accident with a hit-and-run driver, it could help there too. If the damage repair costs around $10,000, it will be covered under the coverage policy once you pay the deductibles under the coverage limit. 

What is covered in this plan:

  • Damage and injuries resulting due to a hit-and-run driver.
  • Damage and injuries resulting due to a driver who has no liability insurance
  • Damage and injuries resulting due to a driver without enough insurance

What is not covered in this plan:

  • The damage and injuries that the policyholder is legally responsible for
  • The damage resulted due to vandalism and theft

Full Coverage

Full coverage car insurance does not count some specific or only one form of coverage. Often, in addition to liability, this term refers to a combination of a variety of comprehensive and collision coverages. It’s more costly, but it covers more conditions and, in the long run, could save you more money. With liability coverage, you will have to pay entirely out of pocket for damages you do to your car, such as hitting a guardrail. Or you’d have to pay for the loss of your vehicle were damaged in other ways unrelated to driving, such as vandalism.

What is covered in this plan:

  • Your vehicle damages from driving-related accidents, no matter who’s at fault.
  • Other party’s damage expenses if you cause an accident
  • Your vehicle damages from an accident due to fire, damage to glass and theft

What is not covered in this plan:

  • Expenses like medical bills and legal fees
  • Common wear and tear
  • Repayment for a rental car or roadside assistance, unless such coverage is added.

What are Deductibles and How Does It work?

A deductible is nothing but the amount a policyholder must pay to the insurance provider so that the latter covers the damage and expenses as mentioned in the coverage. Insurance agencies use this term to refer to and describe different clauses before the agency proceeds with policy payments.

You need to pay the deductible amount applicable to the form of the claim that you have. You can set your deductibles lower or higher while reviewing an usaa auto insurance policy. You will require to pay a higher premium if you select a lower deductible.

So, what are you waiting for? Insurance your vehicle now and get rid of your worries.

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