Everything To Know RNG While Playing Games Like Fortnite Mobile

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  • Published : January 11, 2023

Everything To Know RNG While Playing Games Like Fortnite Mobile

The video game industry is becoming hyper-competitive in 2023. New games are being launched every day, and some of them are highly predictable. Avid gamers know the ins and outs of a game, and after a period, the game becomes boring. Why? Think about it, if you know what will happen after you commit a particular action, will you be interested to see the same thing over and over again? We don’t think so.

In order to tackle this problem, Gaming companies need to create a sense of uncertainty to keep gamers engaged for hours. Therefore, they install various techniques to make the game as uncertain as possible. One of the techniques used is RNG or Random Number Generator.

In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about RNG in gaming and how it affects your gaming experience.

What Is Random Number Generator?

Everything To Know RNG While Playing Games Like Fortnite Mobile

RNG, or Random Number Generator isn’t a new concept; it has been around for ages. Take a while to recall your 7th-grade mathematics; no need to reminisce about your nightmares; it’s just an example!

In the 7th grade, you learned a concept called Probability that perfectly builds the foundation of RNG. Probability basically means the chances of a said outcome. For instance, suppose I flipped a coin; what is the probability of me getting a tail? 50%, that’s right! You answered quickly; you weren’t that bad after all.

The probability is 50% in the above scenario because the number of outcomes was merely 2. Suppose you increase the number of outcomes to 3,4,5, and so on; the probability of getting a number decreases. For example, if you roll a dice, the expected outcomes are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. So what is the probability of you getting number 6? Only 16.6%, which is 1/6th of the outcome.

Therefore, when you play any game like Ludo, for example, It would be unfair for them to pre-decide the upcoming numbers; hence, they use RNG to give you a specific number when the dice is rolled, which makes the game fun and interactive.

How Is RNG Used In Games?

Everything To Know RNG While Playing Games Like Fortnite Mobile

We learned how RNG proffers you a random number upon execution. It is true in Ludo or any game where the dice is visible, but how do you know if a game like Fortnite mobile, which is an open-world game, uses RNG? Do open-world games even use RNG?

The answer is YES. Most games, prominently open-world games, use RNG to spice things up among gamers. The RNG logic of generating infinite numbers is used to create multiple outcomes or scenarios. For example, while playing Fortnite Mobile, you are dropped on an open space, and after decapitating another player, the loot you receive is generated using RNG. If every player knows how to get the best loot, they will replicate the process and get the best outfit, armor, weapons, abilities, etc. Hence, to prevent widespread boredom, companies incorporate the RNG logic to get you in surprise situations and give you random weapons and armor as loot.

Due to the rise of RNG application, suppose 100 players are in the game fighting, each one of them could get a different outcome. As the games become more advanced, the RNG logic they utilize becomes more complex. Today, everything you see in a game could be an outcome generated by RNG.

For instance, you found a treasure after defeating the big boss and leveled up. Somebody else in the world beat the same boss and received a chest. The numbers could be in millions. However, when they each open their chest, the items they receive within could be all dissimilar.

In another scenario, suppose you’re playing Genshin Impact, a beautiful open-world game with breathtaking scenery and a comprehensive character catalog. You’re running along in the forest to complete a mission as the main character. The things you encounter in the midst are entirely different. The RNG shows you something and gives you a unique experience every single time.

You cannot see the dice or the feature with your eye, but there is a way you can see how RNG works behind the scenes. One of the ways is to record your screen while playing a particular mission in any game. Watch it closely later and then re-attempt the same mission from another device. You will see that the major outcome remains the same, but the minor things have changed due to RNG’s effect.

RNG also simplifies the process for game developers. Imagine if actual people were sitting in front of the computer and coding millions of outcomes; that’s ridiculous, don’t you think? Now, the developers only create a few outcomes (forest, roads, trees, side villains, bandits, loot, etc.) and then let RNG do its magic.

Random Number Generator is a great way to experience unique instances in the same game. You can learn to code RNG yourself if you’re interested. There are many free websites, courses, and YouTube channels that will assist you in the learning process.

Which game are you playing currently, and did you notice any form of RNG in action? Let us know in the comments section below.

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