3 strategies for avoiding foods that trigger food cravings

3 strategies for avoiding foods that trigger food cravings || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 18, 2020

3 strategies for avoiding foods that trigger food cravings

It’s a common misconception that food craving is our body’s way of signaling what it needs. And eating triggers that cause these cravings to spike and set off insatiable hunger are everywhere: in our kitchen, in the shops and even in our memories. Most of us have cravings for high-calorie food, which is why they are associated with weight gain and obesity. Whenever there is a craving, it’s difficult to count in calories and stop yourself from binge eating.

Losing control of your eating habits and munching on high-calorie sweets, or greasy food might lower your self-esteem. What’s the good news? Research is unfolding ways to get rid of eating triggers by managing your environment. Go through our list of 3 ways to avoid eating triggers that spike up food cravings.

Manage Stress:

You should build a stress management regimen that works for you. High-stress levels can affect your overall health, specifically your weight as the food cravings rise exponentially. Unmanaged stress elevates a hormone called cortisol that triggers cravings for high carbs, high sugar food. Chronic stress has been on constant rise, making it a necessity to carve out time daily to decompress.

Use meditation apps, listen to music, exercise and take a hot bath to relieve stress, know what works for you.

Don’t deprive yourself:

Depriving yourself of all of your favorite items—be it high carbs snacks or sweets, if not help but inevitably backfire in the form of obsession and bingeing. So, rather than eliminating all your favorites, plan out a diet chart. Focus more on healthy nutritious food, but don’t leave out the cheat days when you could enjoy all your guilty pleasures in controlled portions.

Chocolate cravings are quite common, but avoid eating the whole bar at once. Instead, wrap small portions individually and keep them at hard to reach places. For your ice-cream cravings, go for low-calorie options. For instance, a mini cup of vanilla Haagen-Dazs is just 210 calorie versus the 800-calorie pint. There are many other low-calorie options, just look at the label.

Go to bed:

Lack of sleep is one of the primary triggers for food cravings, so don’t skip sleep. It has been found by many researchers that there is a link between inadequate sleep, obesity and insatiable food cravings. A study found that people who slept only for five and a half hours ate more calories from snacks compared to those who slept for eight and a half hours.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who were sleep-deprived consumed 500 calories(22% more) extra than when they had eight hours of sleep.

Researchers have found that getting little to no sleep disrupts not only appetite-regulating hormones but also causes severe food craving triggers. Having a quality sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every night will help you avoid munching on cookies the next afternoon. So, make it a priority and avoid eating triggers that spike up food cravings.

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