Apple Fixes The “Green Tint” Issue Along With Other Updates

Apple Fixes The “Green Tint” Issue Along With Other Updates || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 18, 2020

Apple Fixes The “Green Tint” Issue Along With Other Updates

Apple company is well known for its user experience, sophistication and class. But they faced people’s criticism with the famous “Green Tint” problem that surfaced with the iPhone11, iPod touch and iPad.

These updates may be the last of the updates of the iPhone 11 series. Apple has another good news with the preparation of launching of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 for the new generation. This last but not least of the updates of the iOS 13 series is iOS 13.6.1.

What Can The Users Look Forward To With Ios 13.6.1?

This new update was launched as a solution to the most complained issue of iPhone 11 users. Apple received concerns regarding the unusual green tint observed by most of the iPhone 11 users when they use their mobiles in Night shift or a dark room.

Apple management derived the cause of this to be a thermal management problem after the download of the previous update version iOS 13.4.1. Apart from addressing this issue, Apple, with this new software update also solved the matter of the ceasing the automatic downloading of unnecessary data files when the system storage becomes limited.

This also fixes the issue where Exposure Notifications can be disabled when the user prefers to do so. Also, this update features the automatic update download when a Wi-Fi network is available. This update comes with much-needed support for digital keys in the health app under the new category “Symptoms”.

If these updates make you feel happy, then this happiness even extends to the iPad device of Apple. The update for the iPad is focused on reconstructing the problem where the data files are automatically deleted when the system storage becomes low and also some bug fixes.

Where Can You Find The Update?

This system update is in regards to the previous update and is available with at the same place as those previous ones. Just go to settings> General> Software Update to find this new version of the system software modification.

What Devices Is The New Software Update Available For?

Available for iPhone, iPad Touch and iPad models which are compatible with the iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. Before updating, one should make sure the device has sufficient battery life and Wi-Fi connection. Download this version seen as iOS 13.6.1 and enjoy the new features and fixes that come along.

A summary of all that encompasses the iOS 13.6.1 software update

  • The thermal management issue causing the green hue on the latest iPhone and iPad models is the primary reason for the launch of this version.
  • Unknown bug fixes that improve the efficiency of the phone.
  • Also the storage issues in both iPhone and iPad that stops the download of unneeded data files on low storage.
  • The mobile version of the update also has a much necessary update that supports digital keys.

With such useful and enthusiastic updates, this version may be the last of the iOS 13 series. For the new iOS 14 series is on the waitlist of eroding the market. Enjoy this new update and prepare for the new OS series launch. Apple stands up to its image of a high quality and sophisticated computer software and electronics company.

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