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  • Published : February 10, 2021

All About Harvard’s Most Popular Free Online Course: CS50

The introductory computer science course, CS50, is now a free online class at Harvard, garnering its popularity due to a plethora of benefits. The course study covers:

  • Data structures
  • Algorithms
  • software engineering
  • Security
  • resource management, and
  • web development

The Historical Steps Back to the Harvard Computer Science Course

The Harvard computer studies course had first begun in 1989. Back then, it was an on-campus and exclusive course that had around 200 students joining each year. To a recent date, over 2 million students have taken this course at Harvard. Not to forget, the in-person course at the campus would cost you USD 70,000 per annum. 

Harvard free online courses

The Course’s Ascend to Popularity

Harvard’s much-talked-about CS50 course is popular for various reasons. 

Easy Accessibility

According to Robert Bowden, a member of the technical staff, he was quoted in a leading daily, “It’s no longer the case that the live experience, being in Sanders Theatre, being lectured to, is superior to even sections as separate things, office hours Monday through Thursday, the videos that are online, the shorts that are online [and the] message boards that we have.”

He also believes that the digital experience is almost the same as the in-person experience. Moreover, it is a free course. Therefore, in the times of the COVID lockdown, you can sit home and pursue the CS50 course without needing to socialize at a university. It is hence, a great way to enhance your career options in the post-lockdown period. 

Professor David Malan’s Teaching Personality

Professor David Malan is a well-known professor at Harvard University. The Harvard Crimson’s description of him states that he has a “cult of personality”. This is also the nation’s oldest daily college newspaper. He is hence popular for his out-of-the-box teaching style and is a unique professor who draws in the students’ attention. Youtube’s CEO has also applauded Professor Malan’s teaching style by stating, “CS50 changed my life.”

The List of Well-Revered Guest Lecturers

The Harvard CS50 course is now one of the most popular massive open online courses (MOOCs). Additionally, the course’s demand gained its traction due to guest lecturers such as former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. It is also an engaging and fun course for all, helping everybody gain substantial experience. 

Boosted Chances of Employment

If you are looking to prepare for a career in Silicon Valley, the CS50 course can come in handy. According to the Harvard Crimson, a completed course can help improve and smoothen out your chances of high-paying employment. 

What are My Chances After a CS50 Course?

There are multiple choices in academia and professions post-CS50 courses.

If you are into AI (artificial intelligence) optimization, the “CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python.” is an effective choice. Of course, keep in mind the CS50x as a prerequisite to the course. Complete coursework can have you working with AI technology in no time. However, if AI optimization is not your choice, you can go for free online crash courses to build no-code AI models. 

All in all, the CS50 course from Harvard is a sure-shot way of earning high-quality free academic knowledge in computer science.

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