Alternative Income Sources During The Pandemic

Alternative Income Sources During The Pandemic || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : September 09, 2020

Alternative Income Sources During The Pandemic 

How to make money during the pandemic? The COVID pandemic has thrown everything, especially the financial conditions into disarray. With the national GDP on the decline, many companies and organizations have chosen to lay-off their employees with no new recruitments available at the end of the road. This has led to one of the most significant unemployment situations in history.

And this is why in this article we will learn about many alternative ways of income during the lockdown or pandemic period. Alternative Income Sources During The Pandemic

Different ways of how to make money during the pandemic?

Start Your Blog:

The Internet has long foregone the trend and has now become an inseparable part of society and lifestyle. You can now test your luck by starting your blog.

Choose either your professional expertise or your hobby to share with the virtual family in the form of a blog. Not only can you earn through advertising and affiliate marketing on your blog but also can score both name and fame.

Online Teaching:

The pandemic has caused the shut-down of almost all educational institutions, instead has brought the classes to homes.

In such times, online teaching can turn out to be a lucrative business. And nowadays, apart from the regular school curriculum, many students and parents are preferring one on one classes on subjects that their kids need a little working on. Or some extra-curricular like music and dance also online. Thus online teaching, even in private institutions and applications, can be a good source of income.

Make Masks:

Now, this is hands down a recipe to successful business these days. There has always been a shortage of masks during this pandemic times, which have become essential.

And there are many tutorials available on how to make masks online. Use this situation to your advantage and get both money and satisfaction of serving the society by choosing to make masks as a source of income.

Content Writing:

Any company requires content creators or at least copywriters as a part of the organization structure. And with the increased dependency on the virtual world, content writers have secured greater importance. Thus choosing content writing can turn out to be a life-changing decision when you see your increasing bank balance.

Sell Your Creative Work Online:

There are many sores online like Etsy and eBay where you can sell your products. Whatever your talent is in, arts and crafts, sculpture, craft books, T-shirt designs or even your doodles as tattoos, you can sell anything on platforms like these. Be the young entrepreneur that you are and start your own private collection using your creative streak for something productive.

Social Media Influencer:

With so much time on hands during lockdown and quarantine, the social media presence of everybody has reached new peaks. Thus this is the right time to make videos or use your knowledge of either professional expertise or a creative hobby to your advantage. Advertise yourself and sell your expertise on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook and fill your pockets with the resulting earnings.

While these earning methods are well and good, you must also concentrate on the defense, I.e. saving money. Some of the tips to spend money intelligently are;

  • Track all your expenditure and follow a strict financial regime.
  • Ensure necessary insurance plans and other settlements do not get affected due to your financial situation.
  • Take monetary support only after forming a bounce-back plan where you can return the money.
  • Opt any of the above alternate sources of income at least part-time until you find another job if you so desire.

Follow these steps of both offence and defense to emerge as the winner of this economic war against the pandemic that everyone is fighting globally.

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