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  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : January 29, 2021

BLACKPINK Rosé to Go Solo With Her New Subtitle track “All My Love is Gone”

After a month of delay in the first-ever online concert, BLACKPINK: The Show, YG Entertainment surprises the fandom with Rosé’s first solo debut subtitle music video teaser on January 25th, 2021. The fandom aka Blinks are eagerly anticipating the release of the band’s second solo work. 

The teaser amped up the excitement of Blinks who have been waiting for the last five years to see Rosé’s solo work, the third most followed member of the group on Instagram. The debut teaser gives the glimpse of a heartbreak track from her upcoming album. 

With guitar music in the background, burning rose and sobbing Rosé, and the music video teaser shows the post-breakup period of a young girl and how she is coping up with a broken heart. The teaser drew the attention of the onlooker towards every single detail through an aesthetic angle like the room filled with roses, the singer’s elegant look, the sunshine through windows, etc. 

The heart-melting voice of Rosé and the melancholic lyrics “All my love is gone / All my love is gone / Now, you’re dead and gone,” connects with the group’s previously released music video, Lovesick Girls. The singer acts as a downtrodden girl who is dealing with post-heartbreak circumstances. Thus, Blinks are interpreting this may be a continuation of the “ending love pain” after her breakup shown in the ending of Lovesick Girls MV where Rose suffers.


After the success of the solo track of Jennie, The leader of the group, YG Entertainment is bringing another solo work of the third most followed member of this girl group. Blinks are also delighted with this effort. Fans are also expecting to see the 23-year-old singer performing her first-ever solo track on BLACKPINK’s first-ever online concert.

Unlike other fandoms, Blinks had always got long hauls for new content. Even the first-ever album of this most popular girl group dropped in 2020 after four years of their debut. But 2021 begins with a well-planned entertainment dose as two great interesting events are to drop at a sequential order. BLACKPINK record label is yet to announce the official release date of Rosé’s subtitle track. Yet, many are speculating, and it can be the same date as the online concert for the music video teaser ends with BLACKPINK: The Show banner. 

YG Entertainment had already added that Rosé had been engaged in shooting an MV. As per the agency, this video was a “large-scale production”, and this fact is well seen in the details of every shot of the teaser video. 

Blackpink is a four-member girl group from South Korea. The members of this girls group are Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. All the members are Korean, Except Lisa, who is from Thailand. They debuted in 2016 with the music video BOOMBAYAH that has got more than 1 billion views on YouTube now. The four-member girl group has won hearts of national and international music lovers. The band has already won numerous greatest music awards recently along with a YouTube Ruby Play Button for their YouTube channel. 

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