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  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : January 29, 2021

Why Fauci Backed that “Double- Masking” is the Way Out of the Pandemic

President Biden’s chief medical adviser, Dr. Antony Fauci, backed that ‘double- masking’ is the way out of the novel Coronavirus pandemic. In theory, it is an extra layer of protection that you might need to keep the infection. However, there could be very little evidence on the plausibility. 

Antony Fauci was quoted saying “If you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective.” He believes that wearing only one protective mask during the pandemic might be “complacent.”, as published in reports. 

However, there is minimal evidence from the infectious disease experts at Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins University, and Stanford Health Care. Neysa Ernst from Johns Hopkins University feels that there is more mental satisfaction. Double-layering has a “psychological safety” status, which can keep one feeling safe and confident.

She said, “In this pandemic, psychological safety is important; it provides a sense of control in an unknown environment.” Safety can hence keep panic at bay, which leads to careless mistakes that can cause health hazards. 

Anthony Fauci

Also, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that a mask should have two layers of breathable fabric covering the face and the nose perfectly. More brands are coming up with 4-layer and 5-layered masks with safe nose wire for more protection in recent times. These are safe to use and provides optimum protection against the virus. 

Layered masks with valves, filters, nose strips are some of the more sought-after safety commodities over the cloth-variants. These designs are to keep the virus at bay and provide an ultimate shield from the pandemic. These masks are of utmost essential value and one of the ultimate weapons against beating the virus. With multiple infection cases and infection-related death arising daily, the mask can keep people safe where distance is nil. With new coronavirus strains, vaccine shortage, and rising infection rates, Fauci suggests precautions in the face of lack of cure. 

Double-masking might not be the ultimate necessary step in preventing the infection from spreading. Of course, it does provide an extra level of protection to skin-tight masks. However, a proper single-layer mask with the right material, filters, and durability can be perfect to beat the pandemic blues.

According to an email by Paula Cannon, professor of molecular microbiology and immunology at Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California (USC), an “appropriate material” for one mask can keep one safer than that of a general home-made cloth mask. 

She also mentions that “However, wearing two can provide additional protection. A second mask can create a tighter seal around yoAntony Fauciur face and help secure the masks from slipping down. Therefore the purpose of the second mask is to hold the first one in place. It is more of an obstacle course for the germs to pass through before infecting the wearer. 

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