Do I Really Need Health Insurance?

Do I Really Need Health Insurance? Here’s Why || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 07, 2020

Do I Really Need Health Insurance? Here Why

Health Insurance and Why It’s Important

When you are hale and hearty, the worry of illnesses and ailments escapes your mind. However, our fast-paced life and changing lifestyles make us vulnerable to many lifestyle risks and medical issues. With the pandemic causing drastic changes in our lives and the increasing medical costs, health coverage plans are a boon. Do I Really Need Health Insurance?

This begs the question – do I really need health insurance? The answer is a resounding yes. Health insurance is vital for every human being and should be treated as a necessity rather than a luxury that can be afforded only to the wealthy.

Not only does insurance offer to carry some of the financial burdens that come with hospital visits and medical care, but you are also eligible for income tax benefits. There are certain deductions for various insurance plans as well.

Do I Really Need Health Insurance? Here Why

Do I Really Need Health Insurance?

There are many health insurance plans offered by various insurance providers, but you should choose and pay for the one that takes your needs and financial abilities into account. That is why you can log into Your Insurance Buddy to customize your medical coverage. In this way, you pay for what you require and eliminate having to pay for any extra services that you don’t need.

Why should you buy Health Insurance?

  • Lifestyle: Our fast-paced lifestyles and unhealthy habits have made us prone to health hazards. Hectic schedules, untimely sleeping and eating habits are some of the factors that have increased the risk of diseases associated with blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Expensive Healthcare Costs: There has been a dramatic rise in medical costs over the recent years. Bearing the cost of medical treatments and hospitalization are not for the weak-hearted. So, instead of adding financial burden on your pockets in case of medical emergencies, it is wise to be prepared.
  • Coverage of hospitalization expenses: Health insurance will cover not only the mainstream medical costs of the insured person but will also include pre and post-hospitalization costs, diagnostic tests, day-care surgeries and ambulance charges. The health policy will cover all these costs before and after a stipulated time period.

Do I Really Need Health Insurance? Here Why

Types of Health Insurance

If you are looking into different health insurance plans and having a hard time deciding which plan suits your needs, you should figure out what exactly you want from your coverage. Is it for a singular individual, or is it for the family? Does your family have a member or members who suffer from a critical long-term sickness?

A majority of people may not know this, but there are many different types of health insurance you can avail. After deciding upon the type of Health Insurance you want to buy, it is necessary to research upon all the plans available based on your needs and budget.

Why Choose Your Insurance Buddy?

With Your Insurance Buddy at your service, you don’t have to exhaust yourself browsing through multiple pages. The online platform will help you find the right kind of medical insurance and will customize your coverage so that you pay only for what you need. Isn’t that a boon? To start, click on the link.

With Your Insurance Buddy, you can fill up your requirements, and you will be presented with custom insurance packages tailored for your needs. You can compare medical coverages offered by various other insurance companies and providers, and select one that suits you. You get to select your quote and avail your rate immediately. There are licensed agents to help you secure your rate, or you can do it online yourself. So, get a consultation and get your health insurance.

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