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Want to be $50000 Richer? Learn How || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 07, 2020

Want to be $50000 Richer? Learn How

Wouldn’t it be great if you could win a jackpot without much of an effort? Well, we have a grand opportunity for you. You can earn a few extra cash from the comforts of your home.

OmgSweeps is giving you a chance to pay off that long kept loan or buy that dream car you always wanted!

Want to be $50000 Richer? Learn How

A contest with a grand prize of worth $50,000 is currently grabbing everyone’s attention. So, get on board and learn about this fantastic opportunity and become a part of the contest.

For a very long time, there were sweepstakes and contests around. The term “sweepstakes” goes back to the 15th century! The name was created about a traditional game in which everyone put the stakes in a “stake” and the winner thus “swept,” or won.

Interestingly, it’s assumed that by casting lots, King Menelaus was supposed to have won the hand of Helen of Troy.

Enter the contests, play and get a chance to make all your dreams come true. But check a few things on the way.

How often can I enter?

For more details, check the official rules for the sweepstakes. Most sweepstakes allow only one entry per email address for the duration of the sweepstakes. If you join more than once, at the end of the sweepstakes, they will remove any duplicate entries. Getting in a sweepstakes more than once doesn’t increase your odds of winning.

Why is entry restricted to my State / Province?

Each state has its own rules governing sweepstakes, which sometimes make it more difficult for a promoter to offer sponsorship in a particular state. Florida, New York and Rhode Island are often excluded as they have more restrictive laws governing high-value prizes. Alaska, Hawaii, the United States, although not legally restrictive. The Virgin Islands and Canada are often omitted due to higher shipping costs for the distribution of prizes. Other prevalent restrictions include California, Tennessee and Utah for alcohol-related sweepstakes; Massachusetts, Michigan and Virginia for tobacco-related sweeps; while Quebec has unusually strict sweepstakes laws.

Also, You don’t need to respond to the survey to use the platform or join the sweepstakes. While they invite you to take the brief survey, if you don’t want to answer all of the questions, you can still go to our omgsweeps.com website directly without taking the survey.

Please follow the Alternative Means of Entry instructions in the Official Contest Rules under the ‘How To Enter‘ section to join the sweepstakes without replying to the survey. Their website also provides third party information and posts on sweepstakes, financial and lifestyle tips, and more.

How To Enter the Contest?

You are wondering how to enter? It’s easy! Visit the site and enter your email address to earn money.

  1. Go to OmgSweeps.com official web site and sign up with the contest by entering details such as name and email address. Or you can register by using the offer links provided here.
  2. Secondly, you will receive the verification mail to your email address. Click on the mail for verification and your step 2 is finished.

You’ll then generate an 8-digit EEN, short for encrypted entry number. If your EEN matches a pre-selected number, you’re now $50,000 richer. Play and Win earn a few extra cash Now.

For more information, kindly visit our official website – www.neodrafts.co

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