Europe Might Witness a “Second Wave” of COVID-19 Pandemic

Europe Might Witness a “Second Wave” of COVID-19 Pandemic || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : July 31, 2020

Europe Might Witness a “Second Wave” of COVID-19 Pandemic

The recent upsurge in the number of COVID-19 cases in Europe indicates that there might be a “Second Wave” of the pandemic. The public health officials are alarmed after a sudden increase in the number of cases. All this happened after many European Countries decided to ease lockdowns and opened their gates for international tourists. To which some experts warned that the citizens have become too complacent.

The Balkans and Eastern Europe, which were luckily able to escape the early wrath of the global pandemic, are now witnessing a steep increase in the number of cases. Whereas in Spain, the number of recorded cases are facing a boost after a sudden downfall, especially in the Catalonia region.

Governments of several European Countries have taken measures as they fear there might be a looming of a “Second Wave” of Coronavirus all across Europe. Also, Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, has imposed a quarantine on citizens returning from Spain. On the other hand, France and Germany have made testing mandatory for travellers returning from high-risk areas. Concerned about the rising cases, the head of Germany’s public health authority said,” we have let our guards down”. Surprisingly, 4000 new COVID-19 cases were recorded in Germany in the past few weeks.

Why Coronavirus is Spreading?

“I thought it would behave more like the flu than it has and I didn’t think we would see these upsurges”, said Arnold S. Monto, University of Michigan School of Public Health. The gradual lifting of restrictions across the continent has given the public a false sense of security. They are no longer maintaining social distancing, wearing masks in public and observing strict hygiene rules, officials further stated.

Spain makes it to the top of the list of worst-affected countries with over 14,000 new cases in recent weeks. Making Catalonia and Aragon regional hotspots. France too has witnessed a sudden rise in several cases, with over 6,325 new cases reported in the past week. “What is striking is that in the past few weeks the French have lost the notion of social distancing and caution,” Jean-François Delfraissy, the French government’s top scientific adviser, said last week.

The Rise of Coronavirus:

While previous surges were limited to a location like older people’s homes and meat factories, the latest spread is witnessed across the entire country. “We see a rise in cases in many different communities,” said Ute Rexroth, head of epidemiological surveillance at RKI. “It can be anywhere.”

Countries like Romania and Serbia, which managed to remain unscathed during the initial months of COVID-19 pandemic. 

They are now witnessing a large number of new cases every day, alarming the Public Health Authorities. Four hundred new cases are recorded in Serbia every day. Whereas, for Romania, it is 1000 cases on an average.

It has outrun Poland in the number of confirmed cases in Eastern and Central Europe. German experts worry about the shift in demographics of the new COVID cases— in the initial months. Only young people were infected. Still, now the infection is spreading to people with pre-existing health conditions. Also, it is giving rise to a “Second Wave” of COVID-19 cases all across Europe.

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