Rolls Royce is getting ready to unveil a beast while ensuring a virus-free in-car cabin

Rolls Royce is getting ready to unveil a beast while ensuring a virus-free in-car cabin || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Victor
  • Published : July 31, 2020

Rolls Royce is getting ready to unveil a beast while ensuring a virus-free in-car cabin

The deteriorating air-quality, respiratory disorders have been causing great harm for decades. Cities may have rampant air pollution but the upcoming Rolls Royce cars may provide some relief that a virus-free in-car cabin.

Car Manufacturers are coming up with models that can purify the in-car air. It gives you a pollution-free as well as a virus-free environment to breathe. Rolls Royce has recently stated about a technology its engineers are working on. It claims to eliminate any ultra-fine particles, bacteria, and viruses. This system purifies the in-car air in about 2 minutes. The system Rolls Royces is working upon to perform this purification is a Micro Environment Purification System(MEPS).

Rolls Royce is a benchmark when it comes to luxurious cars. Indeed, you can expect nothing but the best from luxury brands like- Rolls Royce. The Micro Environment Purification System has the latest filters and Nano fleece filtration technology. The MEPS aims to eradicate any harmful carbon, pollen particles, bacteria, viruses, and other nanoparticles that can be harmful to the occupants.

How Micro Environment Purification System works:

The highly sensitive sensors are capable of detecting any unwanted nanoparticles, it ensures the ambient quality of the air and in the presence of such airborne contaminants, it automatically fires up the intake of fresh air to recirculation mode. Now, the rejected cabin air passes through the Nanofleece filter. Over here it removes every ultra-fine particle, bacteria, the virus and all this under 2 minutes. Rolls Royce stated that it has been one of the latest agendas. Using the MEPS, they are introducing the cleanest micro-environment available in any motor car.

This Rolls Royce beauty will have an upgrade version of the software and hardware system without compromising the luxury that they offer. Rolls Royce says, with this up-gradation and this now technology(MEPS) they tend towards protecting its customers from any harmful carbon or ultra-fine particles. They had been working with this technology since 2015. The new ghost they are introducing is equipped with necessary hardware and software to maintain the air quality and this system inclusively is called Micro Environment Purification System(MEPS).

Besides Rolls Royce:

With this growing issue of pollution and also coronavirus, it has led several other car manufacturers to think every possible way to make their manufacturing safe and virus-free as well. They are working with technologies that can help them reassure the health and safety of their customers. Apart from Rolls Royce, other automobile brands such as Hyundai are all set to introduce such technology in their cars. Recently, Hyundai unveiled three new air- conditioning technologies claiming better in-cabin air.

Well, every car company agrees that the pollution crisis needs to be dealt with. So, we should take the necessary steps in the direction to eliminate this issue as fast as possible.

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