How to use online dating sites safely?

How to use online dating sites safely? || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : July 22, 2020

How to use online dating sites safely?

Online dating sites are the new trend at finding romance in today’s generation. With 53% of the population of the world’s superpower choosing online dating, one can guess the popularity of dating sites across the globe.

But everything has a flip side, and we should not leave our confrontation with it on luck. “Precaution is better than cure”, and thus in this article, we will learn how to protect ourselves from the dark side of online dating sites.

Choosing a trusted dating site:

With the explosive popularity of dating site, there is a surge in the number of sites providing dating services. Research and choose the website wisely. Avoid websites that connect you to social media pages and always prefer a site that offers paid services.

Keep your personal information private:

Though confusing, the statement above means what’s it says. Avoid putting your personal information like your contact details, the places you commonly visit, birthdates, and family member’s locations in bio-data and profile information of your profile on dating sites.

Use a Google Voice Number or Avoid using your actual phone number for contact:

As a measure of precaution, communicate with your potential partner with an anonymous source like google voice number till you better understand and get acquainted with your partner.

Research your potential suitors:

There is nothing wrong with playing detective to ensure your safety. And this is especially true to the dating sites of today that have as much controversy as there are advantages.

Search your potential partner on the google images search bar, where google will search the image using facial recognition, landmarks in the background, and photo binary data. Also, find them on Twitter and Facebook to get an insight into their personality and check the authenticity of their photo.

Call and video chat your match before your first date:

This might sound a bit traditional, but on-call and video chat help you confirm many things, whether positive or negative, based on your intuition. And intuition is rarely ever wrong.

Nonverbal cues and the authenticity of information can be verified through these old school ways, and you would go to your first date with more assurance and less chance of something destructive.

Meet at a public place:

With people around and a crowd, there is less chance of having an unfortunate encounter with your date. Or even a ready helping hand in case your intuition about your dating partner has been completely off the mark.

Even if everything is well and good, in a public place, meeting a somewhat stranger, you will open up comfortably without having to watch your back constantly.

Drive yourself to the meetup point or take public transport:

This step will protect your personal space like your home or workplace from your potential date. In case your first date ends disastrously due to the nature of your date being dangerous, at least your safe haven remains anonymous to them.

Keep your close mates updated about your dating plans for your first few dates:

Someone else knowing the place and face of your dates is a backup. Details like where you are meeting, by when do you plan to return home and the details of your date are better to be shared with your friends and family. So any protecting authority has a source to fall back on in case of emergency.

Carry safety equipment and stay sober:

It is better to stay cautious than regret. You must always be equipped to protect yourself and as a measure of this carry pepper sprays and tasers to your first date just in case. And remember to know your limit and stay sober so that it does not become an excuse for the other party to take advantage of you.

Such measures have been successful in preventing many disastrous and dangerous dating accidents if you can them. However, without worrying about anything, you can start hunting for your desired life partner for the perfect match. It is safe, secured, and a genuine online dating platform. Stay alert and stay safe. Happy dating!

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