Is Your Dating Outdated? AI Could Be Your Best Friend

Is Your Dating Outdated? AI Could Be Your Best Friend || NeoDrafts

  • Author : Jasmine
  • Published : August 05, 2020

Is Your Dating Outdated? AI Could Be Your Best Friend

Is Your Dating Method Outdated? We normally have human beings as our friends. Not to forget, certain domesticated animals and birds. Well, it seems that AI too could be your friend. Oh Sorry! AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.

AI has been used in various applications, and now are increasingly helping people date well, i.e. get good partners. Sounds interesting, right!

What Capabilities Does AI Bring In?

For those of you hearing about AI for the first time, it would sound interesting. And for those hearing about the use of AI in dating, it might sound weird. After all, you might ask as to why would Artificial Intelligence be needed to determine human relations. May not be very convincing on a general note, but very convincing when you know it’s capabilities.

In the internet era, dating online has had its advantages and disadvantages. One is the swipe-left, swipe-right feature. Sitting for hours, just swiping could be very frustrating. You may swipe right without knowing the toxic behavior of the person, or you may swipe left without knowing the other person’s large-hearted nature. At times, you may get lucky like a raffle draw.

This is where AI steps in to resolve your dilemma. Consider yourself lucky to date in the era of Artificial Intelligence. That would be an amazing experience.

No worries or hassles to deal with many filters around. Even filters may not help you beyond a point. AI knows where your lucky He or She is.

Why AI?

AI smoothens your dating experience in the following ways:

  • Get appropriate matches: AI can determine the right SHE/ HE by studying both of your profiles thoroughly in a matter of a few minutes and maybe seconds.
  • Groom your profile: AI can suggest you profile content that can make you more attractive to a potential date. Even suggesting your profile photo.
  • Date safely: AI can detect hidden patterns in profiles based on various parameters, which can then suggest profiles that are safe to date. Fake and high-risk profiles are flagged and removed.
  • No worries about moderation: AI ensures that dating site owners and their customers have no worries about unhealthy or illegal activities. It ensures that such profiles are monitored and kept at bay.

Stacey Finds the Love of Her Life

Stacey has always been referred to as the most cheerful person ever amongst her friends and family. But Stacey wanted to find the love of her life. Someone who would truly love her for life rather than just infatuation.

Sabena, who was Stacey’s best friend since school had found her boyfriend on DESPERATE BBWs, a popular and AI-assisted dating site, that has helped thousands of people find their partners. She recommended Stacey to register and start searching.

Stacey registered on the site and built her profile. Well, she couldn’t believe it when Nathan, who lived two streets down her lane, popped up as her first match. She had seen Nathan occasionally but never thought about him being her life-partner. After the interactions that followed between both of them, we could say that it was a date for life.

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